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Personal Statement (American Board Certified Prosthodontist)

My passion to become a dentist started in high school. When I experienced dental pain for the first time, I went to King Saud University – College of Dentistry seeking treatment. I gained more knowledge related to toothache and felt quite a relief that day and couldn’t be more grateful to the dentist. By that time, becoming a dentist is the path I chose as my future career.

The choice of joining King Saud University – College of Dentistry was based on its well-known reputation for being among the highest ranked colleges in the Middle East. After six academic years, I obtained my Bachelor Degree of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) in 2016.

The interest in prosthodontics has sparked in my life since the second year of dental school when we started our pre-clinical prosthodontics course. During my academic years and internship, I had the chance of improving my knowledge and skills by practicing both fixed and removable prosthodontics under the supervision of many professors in that field. In fifth year, the course was majorly based on prosthodontic cases in which I was the first student to fulfill the clinical requirement. I worked on 5 interesting cases that required heavy work and did a presentation on one that impressed the faculty in our course. The case involved a patient with multiple missing and decayed teeth and the patient was in dire need to finish his treatment before his son’s wedding. After several appointments, the treatment plan went successful and the joyful smile of the patient will always resonate in my mind. Since that moment, the dream towards becoming a prosthodontist was and still is my pure determination.

Prosthodontics is one of the specialties that combines the beauty of art and science which ensures restoration of proper mastication, esthetics, phonetics, and confidence in individuals. I like understanding the essences of each prosthetic material and I also like to think accordingly to reach a diagnosis that will resolve the patient’s chief complaint. Prosthodontics can have a variety of difficult cases and sometimes it is hard to reach a treatment plan that will suit both the patient and the physician.

During my internship, an innovative and motivational event was introduced by our college named: Internship research annual meeting which evaluates and rewards researches conducted by all interns. My team earned 2nd place award and the presentation I made had the highest mark in that category and luckily I had the chance to work on a prosthodontic research with an excellent supervisor, it increased my interest in research and widened the importance of publication.

I consider myself as a leader and a team worker, I lead many groups during my college years in both academic and community projects. I believe that every dentist is responsible for helping his community, not only by treating them but also by increasing their awareness of oral hygiene. Therefore, I participated in many community projects that targets the society Including children, elders and handicapped.

I am planning to work hard during my residency, gathering more knowledge and building my future as a prosthodontist. I find myself confident enough working as a resident, my knowledge base is excellent and I have participated in many discussions about cases in which I learned and shared information.

My goal is to be an American Board Certified prosthodontist. I am willing to enhance prosthodontic local programs in Saudi Arabia. The excellence of your prosthodontics program will greatly allow my opportunity to reach my determination of becoming a good prosthodontist. I would be lucky if I get the chance to prove myself by being accepted in your respectful institution. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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