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Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

Philosophy in nursing stems from providing competent and optimal care to patients and communities. These values are the stepping stones to be a successful nurse. In my short few months as an RN, my focus is delivering quality care to my patients. I will be discussing the essence of nursing, my beliefs and values, and my vision for the future.

Choice of Nursing

I decided to pursue nursing as a profession because of my innate nature to care of other individuals. As a nurse, my care for my patients can be depicted as emotional and physical engagement to deliver positive outcomes and experiences. It is a profession that tailors to the needs of others by developing a therapeutic and quality relationship.

Second reason for pursing nursing degree was the multiple career paths that the profession offers. As a nurse, I have opportunities to explore other avenues of the profession. I can continue to work as bedside nurse by providing direct care for my patients or seek specific skills through certifications or areas of medicine. Additionally, with continue higher levels of education, I can pursue advanced practice roles.

Essence of Nursing

The core of nursing is based on providing compassionate care for each patient. I think this belief should encompass all of nursing because it creates optimal healing for patients. Through caring, the nurse illustrates a genuine practice and respectable communicable relationship with patient. The overall effect of caring increases the quality of patient care, builds trust, and increases outlook on their recovery.

Jean Watson, an American theorist, introduced The Theory of Human Caring. In her theory, she outlines “10 carative factors” (Chitty and Black, 2007) that promotes a holistic practice of care. Watson viewed caring as the essence of nursing. According to Watson, the role of a nurse is to establishes a caring relationship with the patients by engaging and communication. It promotes a bond and a trust between patient and nurse.

Beliefs and Values

I believe patients come into the hospital seeking healing or recovery from illness. As a result, patients placed their trust and faith into the health professionals. As a nurse it is vital that their trust is respected, valued, and kept to the best of our ability. Patients require their nurses to appropriately address their needs and speak up when they can not do it for themselves.

I believe patient’s family and significant others play an important role in patient’s care during and following illness or hospitalization. Their role maybe to reinforce the teachings demonstrated or provide direct care to the patient at home. Additionally, family members can be valuable in collaborating in plan of treatment for the patients. They can provide health information about the patient that health care provider can utilize to appropriately address the needs of the patient.

In the hospital that I am employed, the health care providers believe positive patient outcome involves nurse’s collaboration to deliver patient care. Each health care personnel have one common goal, which is the well being of the patient. I believe the health care providers know that nurses are essential to their decision. As a result, they communicate with nurses for their inputs and feedbacks. There is no power struggle.

I believe that my own health is overall good. I rarely get sick but when I do, I seek the treatments. I make sure I follow the preventive wellness check up yearly. Overall, I take charge of my health. I attempt to make healthy decisions on daily basis. I believe in taking care of mind, body, and soul. It is my responsibility to be an example for my patients and for my family. As a nurse, I believe I should be role model for my patients.

Vision for the future

In two years, I hope to have completed by BSN and be a competent ICU nurse. I hope to have obtained enough skills and knowledge that I have confidence in myself and my abilities to fully care for my patients. Also, I hope to take on new challenges and be able to manage complex patient. Along with taking care of patients on ECMO. Hopefully, being competent enough to be ECMO certified and CCRN certification.

Within five years, I hope to be exploring other avenues of nursing. I hope to do some travel nursing across Texas and maybe explore other states. I am hoping I married with a child, so possible stepping away from ICU bedside nursing and trying some procedural areas. After I have fulfilled my exploration, I would go back to school to obtain master’s in nursing. I am unsure if I want to pursue Acute Care or Family Practice.

In tens years, I hope to have completed by masters and working decent hours in the week to provide for family and still be present in their lives. I may investigate sub-specializing in other areas of population, such as labor and deliver or pediatrics. I may possible continue to advance my career my obtaining Doctor of Nursing practice or Doctor of Philosophy degree.

What strengths do you have that will support your achievement of your professional goals?

My strengths included my will power and my resilience. During my journey to obtain my RN degree, I faced obstacles, adversities, and stress. But, I did not let these threats derailed my end goal. I was able to overcome them and use the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. My most important strength is my faith. The foundation to all my goals is faith.

What limitations will you need to overcome to achieve your professional goals?

On the contrary, I think my impatience and lack of support will be a factor in achieving my professional goals. Currently, I am not married or have kids. My only responsibility is myself. My main focus it to achieve all my professional goals before I settle down. I worry that when I start a family my priorities towards my professional goals will change.

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