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Personal Narrative-Project Solar Dawn

“For Justice!” Superman lets out a warcry, immediately throwing himself at his armoured archnemesis, sending them both into the mountain behind the ruined castle with a loud crash. I guess… that was our cue, I assume, selecting my target amongst the Young Justice clones. Also, I’m guessing that the JL is taking down Luthor’s gang, leaving the responsibiliy of handling ‘Project Solar Dawn’ to us. We should know ways to beat us, right?

Out of us all, I guess that fighting ourselves is the best option. Less chance of confusion that way. Damn, just noticed that they are similar clothes. Although, there is a slight difference. For my duplicate, his body is wrapped in just golden yellow, making it easier on me. Artemis and Robin- the cloned ones- are wearing darker coloured versions of their own costumes. Miss M two has pretty much the same outfit on, and Conner Mark Two has a white solar suit on. Still, Wally’s twin has a silver suit on instead of yellow. Okay, it isn’t too bad.

Out of nowhere a blue hammer smashes into my face, knocking me to the ground a few feet backwards. The recipient of the attack- the traitor, Kaldur- along with evil me approach me, calmly strolling towards me, currently on the ground and thinking of a construct to get out of this mess.

Targeting Kaldur with my rage ring, I unleash an Indiana Jones style boulder at him. Right at the last second before it barrels into him, he dodges by rolling to the side. Smirking, I simply make the ball swerve to the right, rolling over him in a comical fashion. Having bought myself precious few moments, I adopt the age-old strategy of divide and conquer. Soaring into the air upwards, the faint swooshing informs me that the clone is on my tail. Unluckily for him, I’ve been trained by the experienced Kilowog in the art of combat flying, something that being born in a test tube doesn’t provide.

Dodging energy blasts sent from directly below me, I perform an Immelman maneuver as you would in an aircraft. Now facing the oncoming traffic so to speak, a large, crimson hammer suddenly appears in my hands, which I use to crash into the follower with an almighy bang. Following as the clone soars back to the earth, I continue unleashing blow after blow on the clone, satisfied by the groans with each hit. Letting off one last smash, his body crashes into the ground in the middle of the action, kicking up a dust cloud. Once the dust cleared, the prone body of the clone lies a sizably deep crater.

Allowing me to sit back and search for anyone that needs instant support, I notice how Black Manta and Mammoth have already been dealt with, unsuprisingly leaving the weird boy and Parasite left to beat, both of whom seem to be holding their own against the founding members. However, Miss Martian appears to be struggling against her counterpart… or is it the other way around? I cannot tell which, so… I’m thoroughly confused.

“M’gann! Which one are you!?” I yell, hovering close by the action, ready to pounce.

“It’s me!” one of them shouts, continuing to struggle with the other, extra limbs battling it out in arm wrestling style. “Don’t trust her, it’s me!” the other also shouts at me, fairly bemusing me further. Come on, real M’gann, give me something to go on.

As though hearing my thoughts, one of the two looks straight at me with resignation upon her face. Suddenly, her form changes until she takes the shape of a White Martian. Brave enough to reveal herself- that’s our friend, all right.

Launching rage blasts at the unchanged M’gann, she changes to avoid the energy, bending inwards to avoid the ones straying to the outside and making holes for the few directed towards the chest. However, the real M’gann takes advantage and seizes the upper hand, grappling with the fake roughly.

Before I could react, a heavy body lands across my chest, bringing me to the ground in a heap. The furious figure of Conner gets off me, clutching his ribs. From here, the body language all points towards the real version (as real as a clone can be)- angry, getting angrier and heaving with rage.

“You okay, buddy?” I ask. “Nice of you to pop by.”

“I can’t beat the other me. Somehow, he’s stronger than me. Really stronger.” he answers. Sinisterly, said other clone floats above us ominously, faint sparks of red coming from his fingertips.

“Plan B, then. I get this guy and you get Aqualad.” I say. Reluctantly, Conner nods and jumps away. “It’s just me and you now, pal.” I taunt the flying clone.

“A ring user… too easy for me.” he replies. In the blink of an eye, his face is practically touching mine. “Shall we?”

“Let’s dance!”

Sloppy, evil Robin down with several broken bones, I join the fight against Artemis. The two trade arrows and blows simultaneously, both within a millimetre of hitting their targets. Palming a shock disk, I catch the evil Artemis by surprise, causing her to drop down convulsing with the electrical current flowing down her body. Badly bruised from my fight, I couldn’t risk engaging in close combat, despite both Artemis’ obvious discomfort and shallow cuts.

“Glad you could lend a hand. She was starting to overmatch me.” Artemis huffs, her breathing laboured. Scanning the battlefield, the Justice League have somehow found a way to defeat their share of the foes, with Superman dropping Lex Luthor’s unconscious body with Parasite’s. However, the boy is nowhere to be seen. M’gann and Wally have completed their battles, both are sore sights, adorned with cuts and bruises more severe than any we possess.

Crashing into the ground and having Superboy two landing on him with two feet down is Kyle, grunting with the impact. Trapping the Superboy clone with a lasso, he shapes his hand into a golden mace and punches his enemy in the face, who is sent catapulting backwards into the keep of the castle. “Wooo!” he screams into the air. “That boy sure is powerful.”

“And so am I!” suddenly, a bright blue sword pierces through an exposed piece in Kyle’s armour. Stood, Kyle lets out a pained cry.

All time seems to halt. Memories of joy, friendship and good moments flash before my eyes. Time slows down, every second lasting an eternity. People shout Kyle’s name. Aqualad gets pulled through a portal with a smirk on his face. YJ and JL rush to our comrade.

As fast as it slowed down, it returns to normal. Kyle falls to the ground, eyes fixed forwards, never blinking.

“Kyle!” Artemis gasps, hurrying over along with the rest of the team.

But… fate has already chosen our friends path. One by one, his rings take off in a sombre exit. The words everyone dreaded speak out.

“Sinestro Corp Lantern of Sector 2814… deceased.”

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