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Personal Narrative: My Trip To Pennsylvania

My family and I went on a trip to Pennsylvania, Florida for my little cousin birthday. My heart was rushing and my face was lit up from the excitement that filled the room. I asked my mom can I bring two of my friends Patrick and Camarius, she said yes and all thirty two pearls lined up across my face. It was my first time traveling with my family and my last time. I never want to witness anything like the trip to Florida with my family ever again. As we drove up, I sat in the hard back seat with my legs twisted to the side while they polluted the air with the nasty smell of nicotine.

We drove up in two trucks which we separated thirteen people into. Trying to ignore and avoid conversation with the ones around me, I put in my ear plugs and slid my sunglasses on my face. My mouth was shut and face was towards the window as if I was trying to look out of it at 10:00p. m at night. Even though I tried ignoring the ones I road with, they still tried talking to me. My cousin had a breath stench that ran up my nose and made all of my nose hair surrender. It was a very uncomfortable drive, but a slant eased across my face with holes in my cheeks so big when we arrived.

We arrived at the hotel in Pennsylvania around 11:00p. m at night. Stepping out of the car I was a little weak in the knees after sitting down for so long. The cold wind cut through my t-shirt waking me up as I looked up at the bright and blurry lights of the hotel building. We checked into the hotel, I walked in and it smelled as if it was heaven on earth. Tropical mist and the smell of coffee filled the air. We grabbed our things and went up to find our rooms. We found our room and also found out that everyone was sleeping in the same room.

I looked around and seen two queen size beds, a chair and a dusty carpet. We made a deal, if you slept on the floor you get the pillow and blanket, if you sleep in the bed you get what ever left. After exchanging words about who is gonna sleep where, I grabbed my things and went and layed on the old and dusty carpet with a blanket and pillow. I did not complain but looked up at my friends and wished I had never invited them. I didn’t want them to look me in my face or even talk about it so I went to sleep.

The motors near the street and a lot of loud talking had awakened me. I woke up with a stiff nose, red and watery eyes, and could not stop sneezing. I was not able to eat breakfast at the hotel because there was already a lot of us in one room. It was 11:00a. m and my mom asked if we wanted to go to the beach. My stomach sounded like it was angry with me, it growled and did not feel better until I got to the beach and ate some really good food. We arrived to the beach and I could smell the salt water and hear the people from a couple of steps away.

There were a lot of bars and some good smelling seafood. My friends and I decided to depart from my family and walk on shore to flirt and find us some Florida girls. I was looking very handsome with my black sleeve t-shirt and cargo shorts, but when it was time to talk to girls I froze up and backed out. I was still hungry so my friends and I with the little money we had, went to go find food for ourselves. My cousins were sitting down at some restaurant eating and having a good time, but also kind of quiet.

After a while I went inside of the restaurant my cousins were in, they had large piles of food stacked from plate to plate, it looked like a family reunion and the restaurant was filled with people. I started eating off of my younger cousin plate, I had never had wings so good. A tall man came to the table and handed my cousins their receipt, I looked at there faces as they looked at the man. They had sweaty foreheads and big eyes. I asked if they was ready to go and they all said yes with calm voices and focused faces, they got up, eased away from the table and all started to move quickly towards the back door exit.

I followed, I knew they had done something wrong. When we exit the restaurant, everyone started to run towards the beach where my mom and aunt was. I went back up to the deck and seen security guards chasing one of my cousins, sweat start to roll down my face as I eased away to find my friends whom had ran inside the restroom to change t-shirts. I asked “what are ya’ll running and changing your t-shirts for” they said in a nervous manner “police and security guards are looking for your cousins that ordered food inside the restaurant ”.

I started walking towards the parking lot, it was dark and had no street lights. My friends followed me as we tried to stay as far away as we could from my family and ease our way back to the car. I look down the street and seen bright red and blue lights flashing with all of my family standing there and lots of people standing around them. They ordered $108 worth of food and my mom and aunt had to pay for it just so they could come back home. They got in trouble for stealing food, I was in the back seat ducking and dodging the eyes of the nosy people as we drove by to leave the beach.

We left the hotel room the next morning and had to eat greasy and room temperature Church’s Chicken. I was just thankful that they let us eat after last night. After that trip to Florida I swore to never go on another family trip again. I learned a valuable lesson that trip. Bring enough money on any trip I attend. Don’t tag friends along on a family trip. Plan a trip before you just decide to go on one. Everyone family is not perfect, so don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by them.

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