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Personal Narrative: My Ecstasy

It had been three days. Three days of pure bliss. Who knew marriage could be so good? Well I thought it would be amazing… but this is ecstasy. It is pitch black. We are only a stroll away from the beach house we have rented for the rest of our two weeks here in Hawaii. She stands up and runs to the water and I’m mesmerized by the sight of her in just her swimsuit. I shift from where I’m sitting on the sand and feel myself growing. When she turns around and smiles at me, it took my breath away. And when I see her reach behind her and pull her top away…

I had to take a deep breath and relax before I stand up. She slowly slides into the ocean until all I can see is her head. She approaches the edge of the water, reaching the point where she can stand up and all I can see is her bare skin as she flings her bottoms at me. “You’re gonna get it. ” I say running toward her, pulling my shorts down as I did so. “Then come and get me,” she laughs and sinks under the water. I race toward the water and grab her from behind. “You’re terrible at hiding my dear… ” I whisper in her ear. “Who said I was hiding? ” She laughs and settles into my arms.

I turn her and could see her smile through all of the darkness surrounding us and gulp at the sight of her pebbled nipples standing at attention before me. “You’re beautiful you know… ” I say kissing her neck. “I know. You tell me enough. ” She replies softly. “Now I know you don’t like the ocean but don’t worry I’ve got you. ” She is right. I’ve never liked the ocean as much as I do a like. But when she takes my hands and pulls me out deeper… I follow. We drift out a little deeper into the water. My heart beats erratically, I’m almost painfully hard now, despite the chilly ocean water.

She tries to goof around with me, but I’m having a hard time focusing on anything but her body. The way it’s so close to mind, the way it’s dripping wet. When we swim back to the shallower part of the ocean where we can both reach the bottom but most is still underneath, she wraps her arms around my shoulders and playfully pushes me into water. “Melinda… ” I laugh and then pull her on top of me, the slow receding waves crashing into our backs. “Jim… ” She whispers into my ear. It turns into playfully fighting, splashing water and trying to dunk each other under.

Also I’m pretty sure she’s feeling my hard on by now, but it wouldn’t be the first time and she didn’t say anything about it. Afterwards, she wades on top of the water next to me and glance over at her, the moon shining down on her. Her eyes are closed so I take the moment to really appreciate her body. She is at the healthiest weight I’ve seen her in a while. After the past few months of not eating enough to try and drop a few sizes for the wedding— my mother’s brilliant idea—she finally started to eat some real food and regain her skin color. Then I focus on my favorite body part.

Her breasts. They’re plump and round. Perfect. Bigger than I remember. And before I can stop myself I am moving closer to her, l rest a hand on her hip just as she opens her eyes to look up at me. My shaky breath causes her to smile. I want her and she wants me. “Jim,” she whispers. I have to close my eyes and slow my breathing at the way she’s saying my name… it makes me feel things… good things. My hand tightens on her waist as she stands up in the water. I look down at her again and suddenly have the urge to move my fingers between her legs.

To touch her in the most intimate place and make her squirm with pleasure under my body. The look in her eyes tells me, she’s thinking the same thing. But then their moment is interrupted by the sounds of laughter from somewhere nearby and we share a flustered, silly smile and pull away. We run toward our clothes and scramble to get dressed. I place the one towel we had brought down around her and lean down to give her a quick peck on the lips. We start back toward the house and I tuck my arm around her waist. “I love you,” she says softly.

I love you more. ” I whisper in her ear as I open the back gate. She walks ahead of me and onto the patio slowly and promptly drops both her towel and bikini. She strolls to the sliding glass door before peering over her shoulder. “You comin’? ” She asks and then smiles coyly. “I’ve wanted you all day,” I say simply and walk toward her. “I know. ” She giggles and then scurries across the hardwood floor. I bolt after her and promptly scoop her up into my arms. She squeals as I throw her over my shoulder and walk into the bedroom.

I plop her down on the bed and place a kiss on her lips. Her nails trail slowly down my abdomen when she tugs on my shorts and grins up at me deviously before closing her mouth over mine, her hands moving my flannel off and exposing my bare skin. As of late she’s taken to wearing my flannels when she undresses and little else besides. I don’t much want her in anything else, and the buttons of my own shirts are expendable. I look down to scoop one of her nipples into my mouth and she moans into my shoulder and twines her fingers in my hair. “Problem, love?

I ask coyly and kiss her collarbone. “I’m just glad you’re not ripping my clothes for a change,” she pants as she bites down on my earlobe. I feel my hips buck underneath her wildly, but I can’t exactly convince myself to stop or care. We usually take our time—I like to take my time—but that isn’t what will happen today, and we both know it already. The front of my shorts are tented too obviously, and she is suspiciously damp. I spare her from another long winded torture of foreplay by tossing her leg over my shoulder as I slide my shorts down.

And soon as we’re naked and she rubs her core surreptitiously against me. I was right—she’s positively dripping already. “What were you thinking about that got you so turned on while you were waiting for me? ” I gasp out between feverish kisses. “Everything you’ve ever done to me. And everything I want you—to…” She hisses when my mouth latches onto her breast again and the insistent rubbing of her core against mine halts. My tongue flicks the bud in my mouth and I look up at her coyly before my teeth clamp down a little harder.

Her eyes are molten but hooded, and her bottom lip is clenching securely between her teeth. I grip her hips with my fingertips and feel her breath coming in short gasps as I let her one breast go and tease the other in its stead. A second later her eyes are wide open and staring down at me. Her smile, however, doesn’t waver. “Not like this,” she says, wiggling her chest for a minute until I let go before she rolls away from under me and off to my side. I quirk my eyebrow at her when she flips onto her side with her rear facing me; she arches her neck to look at me and nods.

This way. ” I like looking at her when we’re making love. When my face is between her thighs, my eyes are always open, watching her chest rise and fall, her neck arch up and crash down onto whatever surface I have her laid out on; when I’m inside her, I stare at her in reverence and adoration as she either moves atop of me or writhes underneath me, whichever way I happen to be taking her; even with this latest fixation of hers with sucking on me until my spine turns to gelatin, I still watch her every move.

And I suppose I can still watch her and take her like this—but I want to be able to see her face. “Jim…” she keens after a moment before I’ve made my move. Her hands reach behind her and grasp for my arms, my side, whatever she can find, scratching my skin roughly as I roll over and position myself behind her. Her thighs spread so her left leg is lifted in the air and my hand travels down her spine and over the curve of her ass quickly before my fingers dip into her folds. I hear her breath hitch in her throat.

Mel, I like watching your face…” I whisper into her ear as my fingers slip deftly through the soft skin so slick with arousal. Her foot props itself on my thigh, giving me easier access just before she juts her hips backwards and rubs against me. “So listen to me instead. Close your eyes and listen instead,” she pants, her hand grasping my forearm. I tease her slit for another second after I obey her and close my eyes. My already sharp ears prick when I hear the long moan of my name slip past her lips.

She over-enunciates every vowel, and her throat hitches again with the M. Her hips back up against me to the point where the head slides achingly close to her heated center. I resist the urge to open my eyes and look down to where we’re so close to being joined, and I feel myself twitch in anticipation. Another blissful sigh escapes her throat when my hand abandons her sex and closes around her hip bone just before I arch my back and slide inside her. “Oh God, Jim,” she purrs as I thrust in and out of her shallowly. Her walls clench around me every time I pull backwards, but I’m careful not to exit her completely.

Apparently I’ll never quite find a bad way to make love to her, because she’s keening and writhing against my chest in a way not quite like anytime else. I hear every hitch of her breath, every sigh, every moan, all in complete clarity with my eyes clamped shut as they are, and I praise myself for my restraint to not use my eyesight anyway like I know I’m able to. Her hand grabs my thigh for a moment to coax me deeper, and she shouts as soon as the tip of me hits the right spot inside her.

That must be why she wanted me to take her like this—Christ, why haven’t we done this sooner? Time fades… and things move on as they always do and eventually around the fourth time that night she made her way underneath me. “Oh, yes! Yes! ” she cries again and again. My eyes fall shut again as I feel my own spine begin to clench and tighten. Our skin slapping together intermixed with her perpetual moaning of my name makes me delirious. “I love you, Melinda,” I groan into her ear a second before the muscles in my pelvis clench and I spill inside her with a grunt.

She shivers against me, her mouth wide open but no sound comes from it. My breath is labored against the sweaty skin of her neck, but she makes no effort to struggle out of my grasp. In fact, she coaxes my arms around her tighter, folding herself into the divot my upper body makes for her. I hear her sigh and I return it when my breathing levels out. It could be an hour or an eternity that we lay there, wrapped up in one another. I don’t think either of us care which, by simple virtue that we’re together.

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