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Overcoming Fear Essay

Being afraid can stop you from doing a lot in life. When I was younger, I thought bikes were really dangerous because my best friend fell off of one and got hurt pretty badly. Even though they looked like they could be fun, I never wanted to try riding myself. Eventually, though, I realized that if I didn’t face my fear, I would miss out on something great. Not only is biking a blast, but it also turns out there are all kinds of benefits that come with being able to ride!

Riding a bicycle not only helped me to overcome my fear, but it also helped me to gain a new perspective. I remember the first time I got on a bike after learning how to ride. I was so proud of myself for conquering my fear. At that moment, I realized that if I could face my fears head-on, there was nothing I couldn’t do.

Since then, I have used this newly found perspective to help me in other areas of my life. Whenever I am faced with a difficult situation or feel like I am in over my head, I think about how far I have come since being afraid of bicycles. This helps me to put things into perspective and realize that whatever it is that I am facing, I can handle it.

If you are someone who is currently facing a fear, know that you are not alone. Fear is something that we all deal with at some point in our lives. The important thing is to face your fears head-on. By doing so, you will not only conquer your fears, but you will also gain a new perspective that will help you in other areas of your life.

When I asked my grandfather to teach me how to ride the bicycle he bought for me two years earlier, he looked at me with joy and said, “Are you finally ready?” My affirmative response was met with a smile as my grandfather told be that we would go out riding together this Saturday. It would be my first lesson.

That Saturday couldn’t come fast enough. I was so excited to finally learn how to ride my bicycle. However, as the day arrived, so did my fear. What if I fell and hurt myself? What if I couldn’t do it? My grandfather sensed my anxiety and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right here with you. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

With those words of encouragement, I slowly got on my bicycle and started pedaling. It was a bit wobbly at first, but with my grandfather’s help, I soon found my balance. And before long, I was riding my bike all by myself!

That experience taught me an important lesson: even though fear can be scary, it doesn’t have to stop us from doing what we want to do. Whenever we face our fears head-on, we give ourselves a chance to grow and achieve something great.

I was excited and scared to learn how to ride a bike. Part of me wanted to try while the other part was afraid of falling off and becoming injured. Luckily, my grandfather could sense my fear and took me straight to the local bicycle shop on Saturday morning. We went straight for the section with all types of knee and elbow pads, as well as helmets and other protective gear for biking, skating, etcetera. He told me I could pick whichever set of knee and elbow pads I liked best– assuring me that they would help prevent any injuries if I were ever fall off my bike.”

With my new pads in hand, we went outside to the parking lot where he had already set up my bike.

My grandfather showed me how to put on my helmet and pads, and then he helped me get on the bike. He told me to start pedaling, and I did. At first, I was wobbling all over the place, but he held onto the back of the seat and steadied me. After a few minutes, he let go and I was riding on my own! I couldn’t believe it! I pedaled around the parking lot until I got the hang of it, and then we went for a ride around the block.

I was so proud of myself for overcoming my fear and learning how to ride a bike! If it hadn’t been for my grandfather’s encouragement, I never would have even tried. Now, I love riding my bike and go for rides all the time!

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