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Outliers Essay

Outliers is a book about people who have achieved something great. It looks at what made them Outliers and how they did it. Outliers tells the stories of people like Bill Gates, The Beatles, and Michael Jordan. It looks at what made them Outliers and how they did it.

Gladwell shows that Outliers are not just people with special talents or abilities. They are also people who have had opportunities that others haven’t had. Gladwell argues that Outliers are made, not born. He says that we can all be Outliers if we get the right opportunities and put in the hard work. If you want to achieve something great, read Outliers. It will show you what it takes to be an Outlier.

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell reveals the unexpected reasons why some people are more successful than others, explaining it in a way that readers might not expect. timing, social savvy, and hard work are three key factors affecting an individual’s journey to success.

There’s no question that where and when you’re born plays a role in how successful you’ll be. Some people may find this unfair, but there’s evidence to suggest that it’s true.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two examples of people who were born at the perfect time where they were able to take advantage of the new technology, computer science. If they were born a few years too early, they would have missed out on this opportunity and would not have been as successful.

The second factor is social savvy. People who are successful know how to work with other people and understand them. They use their social skills to their advantage in order to get ahead. For example, Bill Clinton was extremely successful because he knew how to communicate with people and make them like him. He used his charisma to win over voters and get elected into office.

Lastly, Outliers highlights that hard work is the backbone of success. It takes more than just talent to be successful. One must be willing to put in the extra hours and work hard to achieve their goals. For instance, The Beatles were extremely successful because they practiced for hours on end and worked extremely hard to hone their craft.

All in all, Outliers is an interesting book that provides insights into what it takes to be successful. It debunks the notion that success is simply a result of talent or luck, and instead reveals that it is a combination of factors, including timing, social savvy, and hard work. If you are looking for an inspiring read, then Outliers is definitely the book for you.

In Outliers, for instance, Gladwell outlines the roster of elite Canadian hockey players and displaying that forty percent of the team was born in the months from January to March. Furthermore, he found that the same pattern occurred at 2007 Czech National Junior soccer team and 2007 Czech Junior hockey team. Gladwell explains,”It has nothing to do with astrology or any sort of magic surrounding those first three months of they year; it is simply because eligibility cut-off date for age-classification is January 1st” (Gladwell 24).

Outliers also precisely explains how Bill Gates and The Beatles became who they are. Outliers is not only a great book but it changes the perspective of how people see society, it gives hope to underprivileged children, and it opens up opportunities that were once hidden.

Gladwell begins by introducing the reader to Outliers: The Story of Success. Outliers is a book about opportunity and success. Gladwell looks at the factors that contribute to high levels of success. He argues that there are three main factors: IQ, social class, and culture.

Gladwell starts with IQ. He cites research showing that IQ is a predictor of success in many domains. However, he cautions that IQ is not the only predictor of success. He points to research showing that people with high IQs are more likely to be successful in any domain, but they are not guaranteed to be successful.

Next, Gladwell looks at social class. He argues that social class is a significant predictor of success. He cites research showing that people from lower-class backgrounds are less likely to succeed than people from higher-class backgrounds.

Finally, Gladwell looks at culture. He argues that culture is a powerful force that can shape our lives and our opportunities. He cites research showing that Outliers – the children of immigrants who have been exposed to two cultures – are more likely to succeed than children who have been raised in only one culture.

Not only were the players some of the best in the league, but they were also identified as such. Similarly, economists Kelly Bedard and Elizabeth Dhuey conducted a study on fourth grade students that proved those born in early months scored higher than those born later in the year. The logic behind this phenomenon is that older students are often put into advanced classes to learn academic skills earlier on; thus, they improve exponentially over time while their counterparts don’t (Gladwell 29).

This Outliers book is not just about how people become successful but also the different opportunities that have been given to them. One more example that was given in the book Outliers is about Bill Gates. He became successful because he had an opportunity to use a computer when they were rare and expensive, and he had access to a private school where computers were available (Gladwell 30).

In other words, students who are born in the earlier months of the same year have an advantage over those born later in the year. So, timing matters when it comes to success. In fact, people who are born at a perfect moment often receive advanced training, coaching and experience that can lead to better opportunities in life.

Outliers also reveals that the culture we come from matters a lot. The author has given various examples to support his claim that people from different cultures think differently and behave differently. For instance, he has mentioned about the rice farmers of China and how their communal way of living and thinking have helped them in becoming successful rice farmers. Similarly, he has also talked about the Jews of New York City and how their culture of hard work and education has helped them in becoming successful lawyers, doctors, and bankers.

Outliers also points out that it is not just our talents and abilities that make us successful, but it is also the opportunities that we get and the kind of environment we are raised in that play a major role in our success. For instance, the author has mentioned about Bill Gates, who is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

Gates had the opportunity to work with a computer at a very early age and he was also raised in an environment that encouraged him to be curious and to ask questions. These opportunities and experiences helped him in becoming the successful person that he is today.

Outliers is an interesting book that gives us a new perspective on success. It shows us that success is not just about talent and hard work, but it is also about timing, opportunity, and culture. This book is definitely worth reading for anyone who wants to understand the secret to success.

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