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Old Photo of Future Son-In-Law Sends Mom Running to Tell Her Daughter

Soon-to-be-married Ed Savitt and Heidi Parker had spent about a fifth of their lives together by 2015. Everyone thought they’d known all there was to know about each other – but it turns out there was one thing they didn’t know yet.

Ed and Heidi’s relationship started when he spotted Heidi’s name on a piece of mail at Newcastle University in 2011. He then messaged her, asking how to use a communal dryer, and soon enough, they started dating and the two became inseparable.

Four years later, when the couple had dinner with their mothers, Fiona Savitt and Kay Parker started talking about their kids. This prompted Kay to reminisce about six-year-old Heidi.

Kay recounted a summer family vacation to Turkey where they went sailing, which Heidi loved as a kid. Coincidentally, little Heidi had made friends with a little boy while on that trip, and even held hands with him.

Kay felt something off about Ed after that dinner, though she didn’t understand why – until she discovered a box of 1997 photographs from that family vacation.

After seeing the pictures of Heidi with her “holiday boyfriend,” it clicked – the six-year-old boy from the Turkish sailing trip was the same Ed her daughter was dating! She immediately recognized Ed’s face in the pictures.

As it turned out, both the Savitts and Parkers were vacationing in Turkey in the summer of 1997. What a coincidence!

Kay told Daily Mail, “I was screaming, it was just unreal. Of course, I sent it to Fiona [Savitt]. Then loads more photographs came out.” There were several pictures of the two adorable kids.

Fiona recalled, “When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy called Ed, I shrieked, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s [my] Ed!’ It was unbelievable. We sent it around to all our family and friends and everyone was amazed.”

The incredible news only solidified what Ed and Heidi already knew: they were meant to be together. And in the summer of 2017, their relationship was made permanent.

Heidi told Daily Mail, “From the moment we started dating we were inseparable and knew we were going to be together forever. It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.”

As Kay surmised, “Perhaps they just had a subconscious realization they had shared that time together when they met as adults.”

The couple married at Haddon Hall, a 12th-century manor rich with history – a fitting location as the couple also had an “ancient” history together.

If any story proved that a love was meant to be, it’s certainly that of Ed and Heidi!

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