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Of Mice And Men Alternate Ending

Lennie ran out of the barn towards the forest, as George had told him to do. When he reached the forest edge, Lennie chose to go back for George. “What are you doing?” stated George. “Go back and I’ll meet you in the Forest.” Lennie slowly turned back to the Forest, confused. Curley and Carlson arrived at the barn to see where George had gone. When George heard them coming, he kneeled down beside Curley’s wife to make it look like he had just found her dead.’

Curley’s other half was not dead which became evident when she attempted to move. In a state of worry and confusion George fired 2 shots into her, killing her. Curleys wife’s death resulted in Curley loosing his mind and he ran out of the barn with a pitchfork to go and kill Lennie. Carlson tried to stop Curley but he was not strong enough, so Carlson went into the house to get his gun.

Lennie had run as deep into the forest as he could and was now cowering behind a tree trunk trying to make himself as small as possible. He heard footsteps crashing through the undergrowth towards him; it was Curley. Curley caught sight of Lennie just as Carlson’s bullet hit him in the back, killing him instantly.

The next day Slim, Crooks, and Candy find out about Lennie’s death and go to tell George. They find him curled up on the bank of a stream where he has been for hours. He is stroking a dead mouse and does not want to go back to the ranch. Slim tries to convince him that he needs to go back, but George says that he will never come back and will never let anyone else tell his story. He then asks Candy and Crooks to promise that they will not tell anyone what happened. They agree, and the three of them walk away from the ranch, leaving everything behind.

Curley’s blood ran cold when he saw her lifeless body. He rushed over to her and pushed George aside, checking for any signs of life. When he realized she was gone, he bowed his head and started crying. “Who did this?” Curley asked in a calm voice.

“I’ll kill’em, I swear I’ll kill’em.” George just looked at Curley with a tired expression and replied “It was me Curley, I did it. Now let’s get this over with before somebody else finds out.” Curley nodded his head in understanding and the two men drug Lennie’s body away to bury him.

While they were digging the grave, Curley finally broke down and asked George why he did it. “Why George, why? He never hurt nobody. We could of jus’ tied him up an’ put him someplace. Why did ya have ta go an’ kill him?”

George looked at Curley with a hard expression and replied “You know why Curley. You know damn well why.” Curley nodded his head in understanding and the two men finished burying Lennie’s body in silence.

The next day, everyone on the ranch was talking about what happened to Lennie. Curley was telling anyone who would listen that George killed Lennie in a fit of rage. But George just kept quiet and went about his business like nothing happened.

A few days later, George was sitting in his bunkhouse when he heard someone coming up the steps. He tensed up, thinking it was Curley come to take revenge, but he relaxed when he saw it was just Slim.

Slim came in and sat down on the bunk opposite of George. “I jus’ wanted to say I’m sorry about what happened ta Lennie. I know ya didn’t mean ta do it.”

George just nodded his head in acknowledgment, not trusting himself to speak. Slim sat with him for a while longer in silence, then got up and left.

Curley ran to him and grabbed his gun, then raced into the forest. Lennie heard the shouting and grew curious, so he tiptoed through the woods until he reached where all noise was coming from.

And then he saw it. Curley was pointing the gun at him, and yelling. Lennie’s heart lurched in his chest. He knew that he was going to die.

He didn’t understand why Curley was doing this to him. He had never meant any harm. He just wanted to be friends with everyone. And now, it was all going to end like this.

Lennie begged and pleaded with Curley to put the gun down, but it was all for naught. Curley pulled the trigger, and Lennie fell to the ground, dead.

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