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NYC Psychiatric Care: A Short Story

NYC Psychiatric Care, New York ?Hi Bryan, how are you feeling? ” I gazed out the window ignoring his question. I knew exactly how I was feeling, confused, frustrated, anxious. I started getting the visions one month after my 17th birthday and the strength a week after that. I knew I was gonna go crazy one day but I never imagined it would be this soon. He reached out to tap my shoulder ? Bryan, how are yo-? ?I’m fine.? I interrupted, but no matter how long I tell myself that, I know I’m not alright. “It’s just that…” I hesitated, “ It’s just that I see them. “ “The people? ” asked the psychiatrist. Yah, I hear them too. ” I mumbled. “

They need my help. I don’t know how to explain but…” I searched for a way to put it, “ It feels too real to be in my head. ” The doctor looked at me, concern and frustration filled his eyes. He began writing in his large yellow flip pad. “Listen Bryan,” he sighed, “you, me, and this pickle you’re in is real, How serious your condition is,: his eyes wondered off, “is real, but these “visions” or “powers” you think you have is all in your head. ” He shut and locked the padded, dark blue, wall behind me. I walked down the checkered pattern hallway and into the commons. h

Let’s see… I looked around for someone to sit with. I could sit with the crazy cook in the corner over there. I looked at the older man rocking back and forth in the corner with his arms strapped to his sides. No thank you. I walked past the guy whispering to himself about demons on the couch and to the checkers table. I sat there and gazed out the window thinking about what happened to me. Why can’t I be like a normal 18 year old? Go to college, get a girlfriend and a car? All of the sudden, I fell to my knees and pain jolted up my spine. Within seconds my head began bursting into agony and my hands started to find their way to my temples.

I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped that the pain would disappear. The pain went away and when I opened my eyes, I was no longer in the psych ward. I stood in the center of a circular building. The ceiling was built higher and by the look of the ATM’s, I assumed it was a bank. Everyone in the building was crouched down on the floor, scared. I followed their gaze to a man beside me with a gun in his hand. The look on his face was cold and his hands were shaky. Even though you couldn’t read his face you could read his eyes and they were filled with concern. The robber may have been just as scared as the hostages.

I walked toward him and reached for the gun, “ Hey, buddy let’s not make any decisions we regr-” , my hand went through the gun. No one heard me or saw me, not even the gunman. I had then realized I was having a “vision”. “ Snap out of it, Bryan. ” I pinched the side of my arm, hoping I would wake up from this nightmare. A little man with darker skin and a tag that said “Raj” on it. He held his hands up to show the gunman he meant no harm. “You don’t want to do this” Raj stated trying to reason with the gunman. “Sit down,” I mumbled, “before you get yourself killed. ”

The gunman stepped backwards backing up from Raj. Sit down and shut up! ” The gunman shouted. His hands began to shake. “It’s okay. ” Raj pleaded. The gunman pointed the gun towards Raj and pulled the trigger. “NO! ” I yelled diving towards Raj separating him from the bullet. Within the blink of an eye, I was back in the hospital. The checkers that had been neatly set out on the checkerboard were scattered on the floor. I picked them up and set them in the box. “Night Time! ” yelled the nurse. Everyone in the commons walked to their rooms. I took a shower and went to bed The next day, I walked to the cafeteria to get my breakfast.

I sat down at the same table as yesterday so I could look out the window. The sun was hidden by dark clouds that filled the sky. The tv turned on. A lady with short dirty blonde hair and a fancy button down jacket came on. “Breaking News,” she began, “ citizens at Bank of America in Staten Island, New York are being held hostage. ” The camera footage in the corner of the screen became full screen and the vision that played in my head yesterday was now playing on the TV. A wave of excitement rushed through me and I couldn’t help but let out a shriek, “YES! I’M NOT CRAZY! ” The room got silent and I became the center of attention.

ONE WEEK LATER “Doctor,” I began, “I’ve done some research and found that I am the legal age to sign myself out of the phsychward. ” The doctor looked at me with a straight face, but I saw anger deep in his eyes. “I highly suggest that you do not do that. ” “All do to respect doctor, but I don’t need your suggestions. ” I snapped. “I’m 18 and am not a danger to myself or my community, so I am signing myself out. ” He handed me the papers and I started signing. Cold air rushed to my face as I opened the front door. I missed the business of New York, the excitement where everywhere you look there is always something to see.

The smell of hotdogs and gasoline filled the air. It was nice to walk outside and feel the fresh air, but I knew the only one I could go to was my Uncle Tommy. I walked up to his building and walked through the front door. The smell of nail polish remover filled the air. The lights flickered and bugs scattered across the ceiling. A man in a wife beater tank top with a gold chain wrapped around his neck stood behind the black counter. “Can you tell my where Tommy Graves room is? ” The guy looked at me, at the cash, register then back at me and smiled.

I pulled a crisp, new 20 dollar bill out of my pocket and set it in his hand. “Room 302, third floor to the left. ” I walked to the elevator and pressed a shiny, green button with a three on it. When I got to the third floor I walked slowly down the hallway until I reached. A stubby version of Tommy opened the door. “Bryan, it’s good to see you,” he began, “come right in. ” I walked into his room and sat of the sofa. “Tommy I need to talk to you. ”

“What do you need to talk about sunny? ” he asked. “I think I have…” I searched for a way to put it, “I think I have powers. I expected him to start dying laughing or take me back to the phsychward but he just stood there smiling. “About time,” he began, “I’ve been waiting to tell you for quite some time now. ” “Tell me what? ” Am I a superhero or something? What’s going on? “Your father spent years working for the FBI to make a top secret military weapon. ” “What kind of weapon? ” “One that looked like a human but was not a human in the inside. ” “After several months, he came up with a serum.

The serum genetically modified the human’s DNA to make the human have abnormal strength, visions of unnatural deaths before they happened, and laser vision. I thought back the time when my neighbors jack broke. The car had fallen down on his legs and the two men alone couldn’t help him. The car was to heavy. “Dad, let me help. ” “No Bryan, it’s too heavy for you. ” I sighed. “Dad, I promise I can help. ” I pleaded. “Bryan, just go call 911. ” I went inside and dialed 911, when I was done I walked back out. My dad looked at our neighbor helping him get the car off, “On the count of three, One…Two…Thre-“ I lifted the car off the man and they dragged him out from underneath it.

Their jaws dropped and their eyes widened as I gently set down the car. Tommy stared at me as I took it all in. “The FBI wanted to use the serum on the whole military, but your dad would not approve, so he moved you and him to New York and hid the serum. ” His face grew grim, “He gave it to you in your drink. That’s why when the FBI came for you and your father they killed him. ” “You know,” Tommy started, “If you use your powers the way you’re supposed to then you can make a big change. ” “I don’t know how to control it though? ”

Tommy picked up his jacket and walked towards the front door. “C’mon” He led me to an ally. I watched him as he picked up a trashcan. “Here,” he started, “think about the time you were the most angry and just let it out. ” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath One…Two…Three. I opened my eyes and within’ seconds the trash can turned to dust. From then on, I practiced for months. I gained skills and fought the unimaginable. I was known as, “Super Savior”. I decided to us my powers for good and help people, just like my father would have wanted.

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