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Nebula Exchange: A Massive Upgrade On Cryptotrading System

When a methodology or principle applied on a system over time(even a long period of years) is giving man results he looks for,he tends to think that is all to life and make a tabernacle out of it.As long as its giving him some proof of results, he does not see reasons for looking for an upgrade or better option somewhere else.This is why we don’t usually see new innovative been implemented in the marketplace nowadays.There’s a strong belief in the market system and especially in the mind of the community at large to stick to that same ‘old’ thing yet anticipating and longing for a new results.And its impossible to keep doing the same thing the same old way and expecting a new and a different result.

This is not a platform to criticize an old system in the market.In fact, this same ‘old’ system is still relevant and bringing some result till date but there is a need to understand that the world is moving as regards technology systems and even in the market exchange community; and it will be at our peril not to move on from that spot when there is a better way of pushing up tokens even beyond the traditional exchanges.

Moving on, in the cryptocurrency market system the cryptotrading system is been employed and this gives us different options at different and distinct levels of sophistication. the cryptocurrency exchanges focuses mainly on providing access to only price and volume data.In the market system,we have examples of some exchanges that gives a deep insight into the orderbooks than others.Also some provides access to the charts with internal, inbuilt tools.

The cryptocurrency market system does not provide investors with some few things which are basic for many investors. This is where the need for shift from the cryptotrading system to a platform more efficient comes in.The cryptotrading system does not provide the investors with the ability to combine the technical data that’s derived from an exchange with at least a few (and probably if not all of the following):

  • Clarity on security tokens
  • Market sentiments on the particular trading pair(Crypto pairings,FIAT pairings etc.)
  • The macroeconomic views on the altcoin or the cryptocurrency market
  • News on the particular type of trading pairs employed
  • Analyst reports on price targets by other known investors or traders.

These issues listed above is the root of the inconveniences for investors. For instance, many of the companies that have token are on public forums/social media like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc. And even though these platforms attract a lot of different type of follower, it makes it easier for investors to tap into in order to gain insight into the market sentiment.This births an imperfect picture and assessment of these platforms because the opinions and ideas of other traders who are on the other end for a reason or two either planning or not planning to purchase this token. All these are no issues for the ‘game changer’.


Nebula exchange is a distinct cryptocurrency exchange platform that involves the combination of the star of the are trading platform that consists of news,technical analysis, user reviews whivpch are in depth and the P2P messaging which makes room for the provision of a one-stop community centred trading solution.

We find ourselves in an age where the cryptocurrency is slowly but surely gaining its ground in our economic system.Investors and traders now need much more than ‘price and volume data or information'(Which is what the cryptotrading system centers on mostly). Investors want much more and deserve more than this especially the new traders.

It is more efficient to make decisions and this has npbeen one of the factors that is confronting investors daily in recent time.The Nebula Exchange also sees itself to be one of the last exchanges that I’ll provide a means of support for security tokens.From the market trading volume culled from coin,it is crystal clear that Nebula Exchange aims to break into the top twenty exchanges before the end of 2018.Hoping to have volumes greater than $100mn a day with an annual volume of around $5,475 billion!

Nebula hopes to thrive with well laid down plans to be different from these traditional exchanges because the competition in this sphere is currently in its all time high. Nebula exchange has chosen to go with a centralized form as it provides for the investors experience beyond just the basic,usual and traditional way of trading.


Nebula has a strong belief that challenges will be handled betterbwhe they arise out of increased regulatory oversight by dedicated management team.In order to keep the user or investor funds safe,Nebula Exchange has variety of ideas as regards security measures which are named below:

  • Security audit and penetration testing with lapeading security consultants in charge
  • Audit of all smart constraints
  • DDoS protection against the been affected by cloudflare
  • Password combined with two factor authentication for login and withdrawals.

The trading platforms in Nebula Exchange are robust enough to accommodate high seasoned investors and simple enough for new investors who know little or nothing about the system.

Likewise,this gives the ability to register up to a million transaction a second and record up to ten times leverage with a margin trading.This trading platform also enables multisig wallets with constant 24/7 monitoring and supervision.

Nebula exchange is a platform for effective sharing of information too.If you are an investor who derives pleasure by sharing your opinion, listening to others with the same mind then Nebula is just where you deserve to be because it facilitate this and all users have privacy as regards their private messages boxes.Nebula provides the privilege of connecting with it’s P2P messaging system.

Nebula exchange affords its users the enue for enthralling projects as due diligence process to listing is gotten at affordable and reasonable prices.


In every market,there’s at least a minimal risk involved.Investing in cryptocurrency have always been and will continue to be a high risk for investors especially new traders but invesors should understand that Nebula Exchange has no form of influence and should not be assigned any responsibilty for price shifton the exchange.At Nebula,the plans to move beyond these risks of introducing and maintains FIAT pairings.There are plans to apply for the rights in order to get a license with the EU and US so as to be one of the first exchanges that will ever support their form of trading.

Nebula exchange plans navigate through these challenges by using a major amount of funds realised during ICO to:

  • Acquire the licensing needed to list security tokens
  • Expand its presence I.e the location(geographically)
  • Put in place a thorough and accreditation process that will include FIAT pairings (e.g KRW,JPY).
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