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Natural Ways To Detox Your Body

You might come across the word “Detox” a lot these days. It’s been getting a lot of hype recently on social platforms and search engines. Even the celebs are recommending or endorsing many products related to ‘Detox’ online. However, there’s a lot more to explore about detox.

Detoxification or detox is basically a process to get your body rid of various toxins. It primarily helps to strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate skin and boost mental health amongst many other health benefits.

Did someone say bodily toxins?

Basically, bodily toxins are the potentially harmful substances that may result in degradation of health condition. Generally, our liver and kidneys would flush these toxins out all by themselves. Nonetheless, these toxins do get accumulated in our body sometimes and could pose a challenge to our immune system and other metabolic functions.

Do these toxins accumulate even if one has a healthy lifestyle?

Simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough as in these days we are consistently in contact with harmful chemicals and organisms. They tend to be everywhere -the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe; so it’s practically impossible to get away from them irrespective of how healthy a lifestyle you maintain.

Is there a natural way to detoxify your body?

Indeed there is. As a matter of fact, now, that you know about the basics of detox and bodily toxins let’s explore some natural ways to detoxify your body:

  1. Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy. Eating as clean as possible is the key to good health. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Give preference to organic foods that contain a lot of nutrients. But most importantly, avoid junk and processed food as they often contain preservatives and artificial flavorings and worst of all a lot of unnecessary cholesterol.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water. Water is quite literally the ocean on which our good health sails. It helps to flush out toxins from our body mainly through sweat and urine. Water is also required in the kidneys for the cleansing of unwanted substances.
  3. Start Fasting. Going on a fast while drinking plenty of water is a rather good way to detox your body naturally. Since you don’t eat anything solid during a fast, there isn’t anything much to digest. Hence, the energy from the digestive system gets diverted simultaneously towards other metabolic activities. Furthermore, the water intake helps to flush out the unwanted bodily toxins with much ease. Nevertheless, there isn’t a strict rule for going on a fast that includes intake of only liquid diet. In fact, you can also take a small amount of solid food (mostly fresh fruits and vegetables) whilst on a fast.
  4. Feed your fitness. Daily exercise helps the body to circulate both blood and lymph. As more blood gets circulated, the liver and lymph nodes get better with detoxifying and purifying the blood and lymph. It’s very simple, the more you sweat during the exercises, the more toxins you lose.
  5. Detox teas for daily cleansing. Detoxifying your body can be as simple as drinking a cup of tea. Detox teas are prepared by mixing tea leaves with certain herbs that have high antioxidant contents. Burdock tea, Red clover tea, Chicory tea and Green tea, are some of many tea variants that possess high antioxidant properties.
  6. Incorporate superfoods into your meal. Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, Spinach and Blueberries are some of the superfoods that you must have in your diet plan. These superfoods contain important nutrients and antioxidants that help our body to fight off the toxins.
  7. Get proper sleep. Toxins accumulate in your body and brain throughout the day. Your body tends to go to a hyper-cleansing mode while you sleep. A good sleep also boosts your immune system. As a matter of fact, the sleeping posture of your body has a great impact on your brain which thereupon impacts the process of flushing out toxins from the body.
  8. Use herbs. Many herbs that are high in antioxidants, help in proper circulation of blood, enhance immunity and have purification properties. These act as natural cleansers for your body. Some of the best-known herbs that help eliminate body toxins are- Basil, Neem, Triphala, Garlic, Ginger Root and Turmeric. These herbs are easily accessible and can be used to detoxify your body.
  9. Avoid artificial sweeteners. If you tend to believe that artificial sweeteners do not contain any calories or sugar and are safer to use then think again. These sweeteners are rather very toxic in nature and can do a lot more harm than good to your body. Many pieces of research show that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners have various health-related side effects and can also cause serious long-term diseases.
  10. Get a sauna bath. Now, you have got yourself another reason to enjoy a steaming hot sauna bath. The sauna bath can help your body to get rid of toxic agents such as lactic acid, sodium and uric acid. Toxins that accumulate in the form of subcutaneous fats are drained through perspiration during this procedure. Blood circulation also increases while you are in the sauna which in turn improves blood oxygenation process.

Detoxifying your body brings balance back to your life and helps your system to function properly. Detoxing will not only rejuvenate your physical health but also helps in maintaining your mental health.

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