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My Literacy in Computer Games

Literacy is an understanding or being an expert in a specific area. I consider myself an expert in many things. I am expert in video games, music, anime, movies, and marvel comics.

To begin with, my favorite video game is the uncharted series. Starring motion capture actors Nolan north and Troy Baker. Written and directed by Neil Drukmen. This game is about two brothers who go on adventures to discover long lost pirate treasure. I am also an expert in another one of my video games called grand theft auto five. In this game you play as three characters that all have one goal of robbing the biggest bank in their fictional world and making the most money possible. I also consider myself versatile in the art of music. I love music so much it that it fuels my energy for the day. I listen to almost anything. But I favor rap over most of my music. Rap is one of the most popular forms of music today. I am a really big anime fan and my favorite is attack on titan. Anime originated in japan.

The animation they made back then did not look like what they have today. Anime today is action packed and filled with such rich Japanese culture. No other animation can do it better than Japan, they tell the best stories, convey the most meaning, and challenge the mind. Notably I consider myself a huge movie person. I love all films from sad, to comedy, and mysteries. Mysteries such la confidential, a quiet place, memento. Also, I am a avid Netflix HBO, or tv watcher in general. I could go on and on about any Netflix show any show at all. Game of thrones, written by George RR. Martin. All together great films. I feel as though I am an expert in these areas because I could about them to anyone all day long. If someone were to ask me anything about these, I could answer them with great detail. Being an expert takes a lot of hard work. Studying, practicing, and presenting what you know. All require you to put I the work that I necessary to become an expert. I believe that finding a mentor can help focus on that One specific area where you want to be an expert in. A mentor gives you tips and guides you to expertise. Moving forward. I find all these and many more to be an expert on, because of my vast knowledge on each subject and how they operate. You learn and retain information much better when the environment you practice in is similar to the environment you will perform in. Reviewing material is and import aspect of becoming and expert. When is time to share your information and how much you know about that one topic. You will be able to give a thoughtful and detailed explanation of your subject because you are an expert at the subject. I am an expert because I know so much about my topics.

Moreover, in pursuing this further I will continue my focus on video games.They are a learning and a new comprehensive form of communication that gifts access to virtual worlds that are filled with intricate, adaptable and purposeful challenges. video game literacy is necessary from a cultural perspective to understand the potential of the why they are important. to stimulate video game players in their development, and to teach people how to comprehend and communicate with video game makers in order to fully engage in game culture. video game literacy is an important requirement for digital game learning. like with any new platform, people will first need to be exposed to video game culture to realize the educational value. A first step is getting rid of a popular misconception about video games that stop the learning process. understanding video games requires understanding and placing yourself in specific titles in video game culture. as we need to be alert of the history of physics to fully adapt we can only understand video games if we are knowledgeable about other titles or genres.

This involves knowledge about video games’ relation to non-digital games. the video game World of Warcraft takes place in a world that was created in other Warcraft games, but also has the foundation on the tradition of the popular pencil-and-paper role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. However, understanding video game culture also requires considering how people actually operate them, because even though a gamers experience video games as part of their personal lives, they use them in social circumstances. Gaming literacy is an introduction to literacy on game mapping. there is an increasing set of skills and work ethic a set of new ideas and beliefs that are going to be exponentially a part of what it means to be literate in the coming century. Gaming literacy holds conventional concepts about what games are and how they operate. it is the ability to comprehend and form new kinds of meanings. As a key part of gaming literacy, systems can be used a example for literacy in today’s society. Increasingly, complicated information systems are part of how we communicate and conduct operations and finance, learn and collect data, and live our working lives. Our world is hugely defined by systems. Being able to correctly understand, transverse, change, and plan systems will become more valuable in the future connected with how we understand work, play, and live as engaged citizens. With how immersive games are today and how increasingly they are becoming more popular, it is inevitably going to become the news of the world. For example, the very popular and controversial video game grand theft auto five.

Set mostly within the fictional city of Los Santos, a backwards mirror of Los Angeles, GTA V is a growing tale of criminal maniacs causing chaos on a blood-splattered career. Michael is the middle-aged outdated criminal, obsessed with movies, who had a witness protection deal with the federal government after a heist went wrong many years ago. When his old partner in crime Trevor, a psychopath who makes meth out in the edge of nowhere, turns up in Michael’s life again, the two join teams with a young black man Franklin, who’s set ongoing away from his gang neighborhood. The aim is a final high-paying job but there’s a huge animosity resentment between Trevor and Michael that goes back a when they did the first job that went wrong, a huge fuse that follows all the way through the carnage. Video games show how pleasure and happiness are important to the reading and writing process. In this case of gaming helps explain why video games can make friction in terms of ideas to writing procedures founded in maintaining the cultural difference between play and work.

The interactivity of video games contradicts questions of who authors meaning in a discourse community. Video game players are at the same time readers and writers who game decisions are shown within a certain view of outcomes but not the same thing over and over again. The video game is a common communicative. space that causes problems in the institution difference between reading and writing.The question of video games being taken as a serious matter as cultural texts certainly connects the common process of acquiring cultural capital that goes along with any new medium, and in that case video games are being treated with suspicions similar to those which came with the rise of movies at the turn of the last century. The inherent ability of the cultural status of video games shows itself anywhere more clearly than in the action related with gaming. While the verb play as in play video games is used in reference to other forms, it usually is accredited to the makers of creative texts rather than the people that they are making the games for. As a result, cultural anxiety comes to the role of production in these games rather than to the act of retention. Musicians and actors, for example, attract both glory and skepticism as people who play for a living. Even in the literary field, creative writing has long suffered a small role within English classes, suggesting a less easily checked on and more potentially lawless aspect of the process than the technologies of reading and comprehension. While we do not say poets and authors are “playing” when they are writing, their operations look more playful in both the positive and negative sides than the work of analysis and interpretation. The very separation of the word creative in our curriculum has become an inside joke to teachers of composition, who call to their work as non-creative writing.

In conclusion, there are many forms of literacy out there. I focused on video games and how their implications differ from the school or English class definition of a literacy. In the end I believe that video games are a great medium for conveying literacy.

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