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My Job at Johnny’s Pizza

My job at Johnny’s Pizza is to make sure everything runs smoothly rather than focusing on only one responsibility.

When opening the store the employees and I are expected to be at work at eight that morning to prepare for the lunch buffet that evening. As we arrive we are clocked in upon time of arrival by the manager on duty. After everyone arrives their directed by the store manager to set up the front of the store, while I supervise and help with opening the blinds and take down the rugs. I also help set up the tables, chairs, and make sure the tea is made. After that’s done I help set up the salad bar and fill up the ice machine.

Then after that’s done the employees and I head to the back and begin helping the store manager cut and press dough out to be put on pans to make pizzas. Before I help the employees make pizzas to be served during lunch buffet. The manager and I make the crust by skinning it out on twelve inch pans all the way to the edge with our hands. Then I help the employee’s sauce and cheese two to three racks of pizza crust and put the toppings on. We have a certain time limit and I try to help get everything done by ten thirty at the most so we can sit down and have a thirty minute break until we open the store at eleven.

During lunch buffet my job is to supervise the team and make sure pizzas are made to order and out on time. I also help with taking orders at the front counter and drive-thru. Only when I am assigned or if the manager nor the employee is not available to do so. I also answer the phone and help with the customers when they’re in need of assistance.

Before going home after lunch buffet I make sure everything is clean and stocked back up for the night crew. We take down the buffet and turn off the warmers and clean and wipe them both down. Then the employee carry the dishes in the back and I help wash and put them up to dry. After that’s done we clean up the make-up board and fill up the containers where we make pizzas. The team and I sweep and spot mop the front and back of the store

Sometimes I usually have to run the store for a couple hours when the managers are gone for their meetings.

I have spent seven to twelve hours supervising employees and making sure there available and ready for work. I am also responsible for applying direction towards all areas on duty for the employees to complete on time. My job is to make sure everything is proficient and runs smoothly amongst any position in my area.

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