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My Fitness Goals And Training

When I started this I set out what I wanted by setting up the plan of what my goals would be. I know how I can be extremely lazy at times and I wanted to break the chain on this. I knew it would be hard as a struggle with determination and resilience as I could much easily play video games or watch TV nonetheless I wanted to and knew that this constituted me to change myself physically and emotionally whilst gaining discipline in the process. I watched my workouts intensively to see where I was going wrong and right as well as watching physical instructors online about discipline and how to train correctly. I started giving myself “prizes” so to speak after every exercise, for example: 1 hour video games or TV.

One thing that I struggled with properly though was the dieting part. I loved my sugars: candies, crisps, soda. All the taste but no proper substance whatsoever. So I started to cut it out slowly, starting with me watching what I eat and stopping myself. I found this very difficult but I persevered and I eventually overcame the urge for them. Furthermore, I cut out all white refined sugar from meals and started to replace them with brown sugars. I did this for a total of three weeks until I cut out all sugars completely. My body is starting to get more energy and it feels clean. All from eating that much healthier. My Hockey is gotten much better as I am less fatigued on the ice whilst having a lot more control over my body.

I knew myself, that as soon as the holidays would start, I would struggle much more than I would during school as it would throw my routine out of whack. So I gave myself more incentive to work harder as I did not want to lay around and be a complete coach potato. I watched my time way more closely and monitored my diet vigorously. I pulled through and eventually it became another type of routine with studying, social and free time as a replacement for my school time.

My entire mindset has changed, my attitude too. I have learnt how to be proactive and disciplined. My time has become easy more valuable which caused my confidence to grow immensely throughout. I feel more confident in social spaces and speaking to people as well as feeling much better about myself due to me not having the time to run my self-esteem down. I concentrate harder, I have a lot more energy throughout the day. The relaxation methods I used after my workouts were actually suggested by my mom and they have helped tremendously. I have become much calmer and collected, with my anger issues staring to quell down a lot too.

The changes I’ve become to notice have made me push harder and have given me a motivation boost I could not have foreseen. My family has started to notice this change in me and have made comments on how much of an easier going and determined person I have become. My parents have noticed how hard I’m now working and have stopped slandering me for sitting on my ass the whole day playing video games even if they catch me playing for a bit. That is one of the better positives of this entire shift in life.

Generally I found this task to be the most effective in my day to day life. It has changed my entire mindset to everything and has given me the motivation not to stop. I will be following my fitness goals and carrying on training in order to reach them.

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