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My Career Goals in Accomplishing Psychology Major

The idea of studying humans’ mind and behavior has drawn all of my academic interests to psychology major. The area of this scientific field are varies, and one of them which interested me the most is counseling psychology. In counseling psychology, people focus on studying individuals’ psychological health. This area addresses attention of normal developmental issues and mental disorders. Personally, I feel myself will fit well in the community where I can use my knowledge to make individuals better psychologically. To be more specific, I want to focus on understanding and helping children/adolescents/young adults’ mental health as I acknowledge the importance of this generation to the world in general. I am at the very beginning of my academic path in psychology as being a junior student in the Department of Psychology in CWU, Des Moines. Although I am overwhelmed by all the information about how this major address my career goal, I am excited for all the knowledge I will gain for my academic path in counseling psychology. Moreover, I am expecting to gain experience outside of school, such as volunteers or internships related to counseling as well. I am hoping to see myself in the next 10 years working in counseling psychology field as a mental health service counselor or children-family support and engagement services.

Thinking about my last two years in college, through the knowledge gathered from classes, I acknowledge well the term “psychology” and how its aspects affect people and community (social psychology). I also learned about abnormality and some mental disorders in clinical psychology class. One of my favorite activities in those classes was watching movies or videos then reflecting/analyzing a person’s or a character’s personalities based on the way he/she behaves. I feel like this is what we, human, even non-psychology interested people, do every day in our life. We observe and connect people in order to run the society. Psychology is an interesting science that you could make it practical even if you have minimum knowledge about it. Although I did not have any experience that actually related directly to counseling psychology, I always try to place the view of a psychology student into every activity I do at school or in the community. In the past, I experienced volunteer in the clinical psychology field. I used to volunteer weekly at an adult daycare called Full Life Care where they provide special service and food for adults and elders with mental disabilities. What I like about this organization is its environment that makes the clients feel connected. Even though there are some clients with serious mental disorders, staffs and volunteers always try their best to make them interact in activities and understand their values. Another organization I volunteer for is a foodbank in Cherry street, downtown Seattle, called Northwest Harvest. This is a well-known organization which provides nutritious food to stop hunger statewide that respects people’s dignity. Most people who come here for help are in lower classes, poverty or homeless. Through volunteering, I got chances to associate with people in unhealthy mental and physical conditions. Those meaningful services remind me day by day the importance of psychology in this society and what I can do to help people.

During the way I achieve my BA, I am expecting to do volunteer or social activities which are more related to counseling psychology. Through the college’s website, I have found a lot of useful links to several services and organizations to contribute my help in the counseling community. Plus, through classes at school, there are also many projects or research which might benefit my counseling experience.

Based on the information given by the college’s career service, with a counseling psychology degree, I have plenty career assessment inventories. Some areas which caught my interest are mental health, family therapy, school/career counseling, school education, and social services. As mentioned at the beginning, I am looking forward to helping children/adolescents/young adults’ reinforce and improve their psychological health. I acknowledge that some standout strategies needed for this career are strong communication skills, relevant backgrounds in experiencing counseling psychology, cultivate multicultural competence, and own certain problem-solving and coping stress skills.

I took few surveys on a career guideline website called TypeFocus suggested by the college’s instructor. My first reaction was amazed as websites like this do exist. It guided me to a clearer view of how I am going to address my personalities and interests into my future career. The assessment results based on factors like personalities, interest, values, and success. Surprisingly, according to the result, I was in the ESFJs group (Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging) who are friendly, organized helpers and caregivers using their traditional beliefs and honestly concern to cooperate with other people (Figure 1 & 2). I feel lucky to be one of those students who don’t struggle to figure out what they want to do in the future. The results satisfied me as I know I will fit well in counseling psychology major. It is simply doing things you really love to do.

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