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Motivational Speech Example

Attention: How many people work long hours in the day whether it’s doing homework and studying or working an actual job? A study done in Lancet Medical Journal studied about 600,000 individuals and found that those that worked long periods of hours had a 33% increased risk of stroke. Working long hours without taking a break can cause serious health issues, in addition it decreases productivity. Research done by Stanford University found that working 60 hours a week decreases productivity by about two-thirds compared to working that of 40 hours.

Transition sentence: A break in the middle of the day is not necessarily a want, but it is a need. Need: Maslows Hierarchy of needs

Physiological Needs: it allows people to get adequate time to sleep and be refreshed. Sleep is one of the most mandatory needs of the human body in order to be able to function properly and carry out daily activities efficiently. Resting helps carry out brain function as well so when taking a break, it is refreshing the brain in order to do its most efficient work.

Safety Needs: It provides a way to delay or help delay at least the onset of certain health conditions like stroke in addition to back and neck aches. Many people who work long periods of time tend to stay seated in the same position and this can cause tension in the muscles, however with a break, people are required to get up releasing the tension in the muscles keeping your body healthy.

Love/Belonging Needs: Additionally by being able to take a break within the day allows you more time to spend time with family when you come home because you will not be as tired and want to sleep right away. There is a general trend in today’s society to go home and sleep because people feel exhausted after working long hours of the day. By creating a break in the day, however, with relaxation time already built in within the day, people will be inclined to spend time with their families when they come home because they do not feel as tired as they would have if they had worked continuously.

Esteem Needs: Giving yourself time to rest and relax also builds esteem. With productivity increasing more work can be accomplished and be done well, which can more easily help you keep moving up and up in life until you reach the top, which can lead you to self-actualization.

Self-Actualization: By knowing that you are completing your duties and accomplishing the most work on the job that can be done can also be extremely personally fulfilling and satisfying.

Solution: Everyone needs time to themselves in order to recuperate and refresh themselves. Competition has increased over time, and nowadays people strive to reach higher standards, and in order to accomplish that people work vigorously throughout the day without giving themselves a break. However, when people take a break in the day, productivity is increased and people’s health does not suffer as much. In a study done in the journal of Annals of Internal Medicine, when a break was included in the middle of the day, productivity increased by 34% and risk of death was reduced by 55%. When people work more hours to get more work done, it becomes ineffective because it actually causes a decline not only in the amount of the work that is done but also the quality of the work diminishes.

Visualization: Contrast/Negative Method: If working without a break continues, productivity will continue to decrease, while adverse health effects will continue to increase. Imagine having a stroke at the age of 45 and being impaired in trying to carry out your regular daily activities, when you could have simply just taken a break in the middle of the day and decreased that risk.

Positive Method: Now consider the opposite, how relieved you will feel and how much less stress you have. Imagine being able to accomplish more work because your brain is more awake and attentive just by simply by having rest time. Additionally, imagine being healthier just by having that extra time to yourself. Topic Sentence: In order to overcome this problem…

Call to Action: I want you all to take the time to take a break within the day just to have time to yourself. You can take the extra time by extending your lunch time by a little bit and giving yourself extra time to diminish stress. You will feel better and be able to accomplish more throughout the day, and in general lead a healthier life.

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