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Motivation Letter For Semester Exchange Programme

I would like to express my strong interest for participation in your Semester Exchange Programme in the summer of 2019. I see this as an opportunity gain valuable experience outside my comfort zone and look forward to the prospect of an exciting next step in the development of my career.

Currently I’m an under-graduate diploma student with the focus on practical organ performance. My specialist subjects are practical organ performance, repertoire studies, chamber music and teaching methods. However, my main area of interest and focus are in the field of church music practice. It is for this reason that I am very interested in gaining international experience outside my current University, and spend some time abroad in the United States, as part of my studies. I perceive this exchange programme as a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to better my knowledge in my current field of study. In addition, this is a unique opportunity to meet new people, expand my contact network and meet new colleagues from around the world.

As an older student, I have learnt over the years that you are never too old to learn new techniques and how to do everything better. I possess strong leadership skills during my time as the owner of a retail music store with several employees. A large part of this business was importing goods and products from many external markets, including the Americas, Europe and the Far East. It is during this time that my interest in the music world in other countries was focused.

During my studies at the University I’m class representative and often tend to take leadership roles and want to help fellow class mates. Working with people has broadened my communication talent and I have learnt how to handle different characters and deal with conflict in a very short time. I am a hard-working responsible individual, with high work ethics and focused on meeting deadlines. Furthermore, I do see myself as a perfectionist and strong team player, and therefore I always strive to give my best in all my activities at University and especially in a performance and my academics. With my experience as a practising organist and former business owner, I am convinced that my working experience combined with my current studies make me a suitable candidate for this programme.

During the last three years I have been numerous several bursaries from different organisations and, most recently, a merit bursary from the University for Outstanding Achievement.

Thank you very much in advanced for this opportunity and for considering my application. Taking into account my years of practical experience I believe that I may add excellent value to your programme and share my skills just as I learn new ones from other programme participants. And it will certainly be invaluable as this potential exchange experience will enhance my future career in the field of church music. I am looking forward to the prospect of immersing myself in student life at your University and I will do my best to adjust to your facilities and courses as an engaged member of the student population. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and to hope to take part in the further stages of selection process.

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