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Mexican National Culture

In addition to Mahatma Gandhi, he quoted “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. It gives a meaning that if you’re searching for the meaning of your life, you will find it by helping others. When you become so involved in helping others that you lose sight of your own petty problems, the things that you think define you will soon reveal your true self. For instance, do you ever ask yourself ‘Who am I’? At the very first glance, it’s sounds like a very simple looking question that anyone can answer.

However; when thinking about it most people will start answering this question by stating their age, what they do for living, where they come from and so on. To others what is the true meaning of Who am I? As I went into more depth and thinking, I started to process the question little more and I realized that the question was more complicated than I thought. Most people may say a short answer, but to others it might mean something different. However, not a lot of people know how the Mexican national culture emerged from a process between the indigenous cultures and the Spanish colonies that dominated the Mexican lands.

It began in the era of the Olmecs whom at the time they were the first known society to actually settle in the Gulf of Veracruz. After that the Olmecs they influenced other villages in which the Mayan culture became widely known whom they developed the Mayan calendar. Lastly the Aztecs were the last greatest civilization that actually rise up in the central valley of Mexico. Over the years Mexico changed over time in which it gained independence in 1821. During the nineteenth century, most of the national culture went through difficult tasks due to political instability, military and foreign invasions.

Throughout all those years Mexico lost their original territories and which most of the land was broken apart because of the many invasions that other foreign countries would invade. Through the year there was a lot of war between the United States and Mexico in which a lot of land from Mexico such as Texas were taken over. Even though the war ended within a budgetary between both countries in which that ended up being a treaty. Throughout those years as well my grandfather spoke with a lot of pride on Pancho Villa he admired him because of so much change he brought upon the Mexican Revolution.

Pancho Villa in the eyes of my grandfather he was the greatest leader he gave a lot of people at the time to be part of his army. Most people joined him because they wanted to change the way wealthier society would treat the poorer society. He gave ‘campesinos’ hope that they deserved to be treated equally as to any other person. To start off, as I have become an adult, I came across processing the many memories that I have made throughout all these years . Growing up, I never had a stable home where I could call it ‘home’. My family was always moving around from place to place because at that time jobs were not very stable.

As a child the only memory I gave is the smell of spicy foods floating in the air just like perfume. Trumpets, Violins and guitars bursting out of speakers that were as loud as the scream of my mother. We had so much free time in our hands that I would never tell my mother that I didn’t have nothing to do or else he would put me to clean the whole house. As a child my family always pursued us to attend mass every Sunday, but they always taught us that we could follow other religions if we believed it was the right match for us.

However; my family comes from a small town called La Sauceda located just south of Jalisco, Mexico. Ever year in my hometown we celebrate our annual festival in our small ranch. It’s a moment where all families come together and celebrate the unison of our divine savior “Divino Salvador”. Our community shares a bond in which we all give thanks and praise that god has given our people from our community to attend once more this community. We celebrate during Easter, with the placing of our heritages.

For instance, we as a community have Aztec dances whom show their praise to their god. We also do services to the church as well such attending mass each day. It is a beautiful moment that we as a community share and other people from different countries come and join us in this celebration. However; my background explains a lot of who I am and the many values that I have developed through my time. Having a Mexican family who always strives for the best in life has been the influence of my whole life.

Being part of immigrant parents that arrived at the United States at a young age where they dreamed of having a better future than. Without the influence of my family I wouldn’t be the person that I am today, for instance a hard, strong, independent worker and always pursuing my goals in life. Furthermore, growing up, I was always influenced my many people, but for me the only person that I felt that I was inspired and influenced was my grandmother. At a very young age, she had to take care of her brothers and sisters because she was the oldest of all siblings.

Her mother didn’t care about her own children. At the age of thirteen my grandmother began to sew clothes and clean houses in order for her to financially help her mother. She was afraid that if her parents wouldn’t help out the house then her mother would hurt her. When she reached the age of nineteen she was engaged to my grandfather they both knew that they wanted to leave there small ‘rancho’ and build something new. After they got married my grandfather became an alcoholic. My mother being still a child had to suffer through an abusive father, in which would blame into the alcohol.

My grandmother never thought that she married a man in which kept her away from people and treated her as if she had no right to speak. My grandfather felt like he had superiority over her. There was a time where my grandmothers’ children began to get older and that when they began to defend. My grandfather started to change his way of thinking and left alcohol behind. I remember that as a child my grandmother loved everything about us especially during winter breaks we would go visit her in Mexico. She always felt proud of me when I would say that I would go to college and become a teacher.

I felt that in her eyes she felt warmth that we had dreams in becoming he person that I wanted to be. As I got older, my family rarely went to Mexico because of financial reasons and plus school became difficult. At the age fifteen, I was attending high school in Arizona. I remember my family and I went out that day when my mother received a call from Mexico saying that my grandmother was very ill. We left the next morning to Mexico except my father. I arrive that same day and as I approached my grandmother she looked pale and her breathing was as fast as a newborn baby.

I could only hold her hand, knowing how much she was suffering she wasn’t able to speak. Earlier that day I went to sleep. I woke to a loud cry, it was midnight; I had lost my other half on mothers’ day. My whole life and my mothers was cut in half. It felt like the whole world had stop for a moment and that time was passing slow. It was the first time I had actually seen a dead body and it was like life was there, but in an instance it wasn’t there no more. There she was peaceful, without knowing she was gone and I couldn’t do anything about it.

It became hard for me to understand why these things happen for a reason. I knew she was not suffering no more and she was in a better place. My mother couldn’t understand why she had left. My mother blamed herself for not arriving earlier when my grandmother was asking for her. Now, seven years have passed and still today I think about her every day. I know that she would be happy where I am currently. Spiritually I know my grandmother guides me to become a better person because right above she sees me becoming a successful independent woman.

According the Appendix C, “Integrative Awareness: the individual is able to accept his or multiple identities and has a successfully managed the dissonance resulting from the previous statuses” (Borunda, 2016). This demonstrates that I accept who I am and that I accept every other person identities. I am no individual to judge other because there not similar like me. I am just human we all make mistakes but that doesn’t make us different. Today our society is full of diverse communities that bring together other ethnicities and make them feel equal.

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