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Mathematics is said to be the hardest subject of all, is it really the hardest subject? Will it be hard if we are listening?

Mathematics won’t be hard if we are listening, if we are focusing, if we are analyzing it, and if we do want to learn from it. It will always be anywhere, in any situations. We won’t be having a hard time solving it if we are just participating, if we are just focus on learning it, if we are not hiding our courage to ask. As usual, I’m always seeing posts which says that cause of death is math, what a nonsense! If you are not having at ease with this subject ask for tutors, give time on watching tutotials, nothing will be hard if we will just study and study, nothing will be hard if we are finding ways to learn it, nothing will be hard if we are not being lazy studying, reviewing it.

It has many thing to do with our lives, it is everywhere. Are we going to be good businessmen if we don’t know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, how to find probabilities, the statistic for the growths? Are we going to be teachers if we don’t even know how to solve equations or problems? Are we going to be construction workers if we don’t know how to measure sizes? Are we going to be celebrities if we don’t know how to compute the rightful talent fees? Are we going to be successful person if we don’t know how to budget our moneys? Think if those, whether you like it or not, mathematics is very important and essential to our lives.

Teachers are there to teach us how to do such thing, how to solve such, the problem is that, we are being intimidated on what others can do, we are being discouraged to those who are genius in math, we are having low self-confidence because of so much numbers we are seeing. As what I’ve said, it’s very easy if we are just willing to learn, don’t ever complain because if we wanted something we will be eagered to know it, to have it. We just only need to try, and don’t give importance to those who are discouraging you, they will never help you but they will help you learn and be strong to do all things you can do just to be good with such.

Social medias were not made just to insult subjects, just to make subjects the cause of death, your negativities might be your cause of death. If we are good in mathematics, we will surely be proud of ourselves because we can cope up easily, we can understand easily, we can answer easily. That’s the importance of life, to become good at anything, to build a strong relationship between your minds and your hearts. Don’t let anything hinder you to reach your goals. Mathematics can be applied in anyways, it will never ignore, it will always be there, so we should always willing to face it, and accept that it is natural to have it on our lives.

Determinations will make us feel at ease for everything, if we wanted something we will make sure to have it, to learn it because if we do have the courage and the discipline to know something, to become good at something, we will realize that anything can be learned, we should just understand and focus on it. This subject is said to be the hardest but if you do want to be good at this, you will exert efforts and will find out the importance of being expert, and will realize that this has something to do with anything, that this will really help us achieve our aims and missions in life.

Life in school is like codominance, we are being influenced by the teachers and our friends, and those things that we got from them are always being expressed on our daily way of living. They are phenotypically different from each other, one with experience and one who’s just starting to gain experiences. We are meeting many different types of traits but from those, we are developing our personalities, those attitudes we observed from them are being shown simultaneously so that’s why some students are having different mood towards different person.

What we are doing now is the reflection of the people surrounds us because they influenced us, they are somewhat the reason why we bacame like what we are now. But as for that, we should always be looked up, we should always do good things for them not to judge us easily, we should always respect others so that they will then respect us too. Being a student is absolutely not easy because there are so much activities, projects, assignments, and we will meet many kinds of students and teachers but we should not loose hope because those are just challenges which are testing our strengths. We are learning many things from our experiences as a student, we should always seize every moment, every memories because we will be a student just for a time, after we graduated, we will be able to experience the reality of life. So now, we should always love every subjects, we should enjoy studying, we should create happy legacies. Like what is being taught by science, it is the study if all living things, of all things in this world, so give importance to it.

Science is very important, we can learn what is the structure of our body, how perfect we are created, how we became humans, etc. It is just not a simple subject, it can also teach us and give us the realization on how important our body is, how important health is. If we just do apply what we learned from it, we will be able to have a better life, to have a healthy life, to have a disease-free life. There are many things to know about our world so we should always understand on what are being taught by the teachers and don’t loose the chance to learn because all things can be studied, all things can be learned if we will just focus and give priority to it. Even though there are lots of terminologies, studies, experiments here, whether you like it or not, there are so much things you can learn from it. We should all know the importance of education and the knowledge proper because it will make us as special as what God says.

We have many character traits that are being shown and expressed so we should always be careful on what we are doing because you’re not the only one being affected by these, also the people surrounds you because they influenced you. Always be passionate on studying, don’t ignore it because when you get older and older, you will realize how important education is on our lives. Don’t commit things which you know can affect your future, and can make you regret.

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