The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) from King’s Own Institute is best for students like me who have bachelor of Business administration. It equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills in accounting and related fields by delivering education in core areas of accounting. My selection to undertake this course has many justifications. An accountant is crucial for success of any business. Accountants determine business performance, derive results, interpret what they actually mean and use them as an aid in the strategic development of the business as well as to forecast.

They are the pillars of an organization that provide a robust backing to the organization. This program is accredited by the Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA), Australia, The institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) & the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA). In my scenario if at this stage I complete my ACCA course and then seek to enter professional life, I will be able to get a very low profile job because as I stated earlier, there is a very little value of local education and managements are willing to hire either those individuals who have tons of professional experience or individuals equipped with foreign education, holding globally recognized degrees. Therefore I decided to go for Master’s degree in Accounting from KOI. Acquiring a Master’s degree from an Australian institute fully accredited and affiliated with IPA, CPA and ICAA is going to ignite my professional career to new heights. The course comprises of 16 units. The courses are designed in a manner to teach students initially the basic learning and theoretical base. This is followed by the advanced learning and teaching of professional nature. I have also choosen this course because it offers an opportunity to conduct a research project at the end of the courses and ameliorates professional skills of a student. Above all, this course is important for my grooming and professional acumen, capability and intellect. It will assist me in taking my accounting concepts to a next level. Graduate outcomes of the course also ensure that the graduates can secure jobs in Finance, Accountant or auditing fields. This is because KOI provides employment and internship opportunities to students. The course outline is given below:

First trimester

  • Communication in Business
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business law

Second trimester

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Companies and Securities law
  • Statistics and data analysis

Third trimester

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Corporate Accounting and Reporting
  • Applied Business Research

Fourth trimester

  • Accounting Theory and Issues
  • Auditing and Assurance
  • Taxation Law
  • Research Project


King’s Own Institute is very well recognized and offers high quality accredited degree courses in business & Accounts. That is why I decided to study at KOI which is offering the university level degree at a reasonable cost. Furthermore KOI has great reputation among other Australian Institutions. Their courses are accredited in Australia and regulated by ESOS agencies like Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

KOI’s cutting edge courses are designed by well reputed industry members and international academics. In addition, they are supported by an experienced Faculty; a large number of its teaching faculty has their PhDs from Australia and other developed countries.

The university has a professional teaching facility and offers the best teaching methods to its students. It also has affiliation with business industries, global institutes and educational providers which ensure that the college teaches through international outlook. This will enable me to learn in a practical environment and bring the best out of my potentials. It will also enable me to shape my career confidently. The staff and faculty members of KOI are highly motivational people who disseminate their students with an inspiration and a sense of moving forward in life through quality education. The college offers career counselling services through its counsellors who help to guide students after their graduation and their job recommendations related to internships. Internship facilities in the form of AIPP’s Professional Internship program provides actual experience to enhance learning and be prepared for the corporate world. After the initial internship, other arrangements are made to introduce LinkedIn training in order to refurbish and create competitive advantage. Apart from the student support facilities, the campus facilities of KOI also facilitate international students. The college has many libraries that consist of many bundles of knowledge. It offers small sized classes where students can interact on one to one basis. College also ensures that maximum internet and communication facilities are given to students, like free Wi-Fi services.

I would like to study in Sydney, after consideration of a couple of factors like modes of transport, campus availability. The city is a culturally diverse place, with full of locations like galleries, sports grounds, libraries, etc., which offer learning opportunities for students. Sydney is rich in terms of landscapes, health system and educational aura. One of the best transport systems is found in here, which makes commutation easy for students who can travel on buses, trains and trams, wherever and wherever required. This makes transporting and travelling expenses and burden much easy. The lifestyle in Sydney is hassle-free and more relaxed, helping students to enhance their studies without any stress. The “Wellbeing of international students in the city of Sydney survey 2016” showed that 88% of students express their desire to study in Sydney. Degree from universities in Sydney are recognized globally and it can secure a prestigious job for me in almost every country in the world, as the city is home to many globally acknowledged universities like Western Sydney university or University of New South Wales. Finally, Sydney occupies a unique position in the world, with strong historical and cultural ties to the West, along with a close proximity to Asia and the eastern cultures.


Regarding my future prospects I would like to continue my career in accounting because accountancy was always the field I was inclined towards and I have always looked forward to be a successful accountant. My main ambition is to strengthen my accounting profile.

Accountancy is considered as one of the most prestigious working sector in Pakistan and it is one of the very few fields which are highly paid and has least un-employment rate. The most obvious reason for this trend is because of the fact that an Accounts Department is a need for almost all kind of businesses, whether it’s a non-profit organization or a large scale firm. Whether in hospital or a chartered accountancy firm and Audit firms there will always be a rapid demand of accountants.

It is a rewarding career in the developing economy of Pakistan. Accounting jobs in Pakistan are seen regularly in the newspapers. Banking sector always look for professional accountants. Accountancy has a golden career and there are excellent prospects for employment in chartered accountancy firms, commercial industries, local industries and multinational companies. The domestic foreign and international banks are always welcoming fresh accounting graduates. With the rapid growth in economy, accountancy has gained tremendous popularity and has become one of the most prestigious jobs in the industry. It is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding profession.


Currently there are many national and multinational chartered accountancy firms in Pakistan which require professional accountants to carry out their complex accounts related tasks. After proposed degree I can be eligible for various posts such as Accountant, Auditor, and Financial Advisor etc. as the aim of the degree is to ensure to make graduates equipped for a broad spectrum of business careers, including auditing, tax, public sector accounting, not-for-profit sector accounting, treasury, financial consulting, strategic management, international banking, international finance, investment management, money market operations and financial forecasting.

As an accountant with globally recognized Master’s degree, I may enter public accounting, private industry or pursue a career in Government sector or not for profit organizations. The magnificent and colossal houses of accounting services in Pakistan such as Riaz Ahmed & Co Chartered Accountants (Nexia International), Crowe Horwath and Deloitte Pakistan are the dream firms for any accountant zealot. These firms not only pay tribute to an accountant’s educational diary, but also pay handsome amount for the employment they offer. Their salary packages are mostly offered in six figures, thereby enhancing the value and advantage of this degree. I have a calculated strategy to grab a job in one of these firms where that pay PKR 100000-PKR 1, 20000 on monthly basis. My calculated plan to gain job includes:

  • Updating my CV according to my profile
  • Highlighting my credentials and knowledge gained in Australia
  • Making speculative letters and dropping them to aforementioned companies
  • Enunciating my profile on LinkdIn.


As far as financial sponsorship is concerned my mother and father will sponsor me while I am doing Masters in professional accounting from KOI in which tuition fee, living expenditure, air freight, insurance and others are included. My mother is a doctor and she can easily bear my study and living expenses while I complete my masters. She has calculated all the funds to sponsor me. My father is running his own business and he shall also sponsor me for my studies. My details of sponsorship are attached with my visa application.


As an international student, I will have following conditions to be obey under visa subclass 500.

  • I am not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week
  • My Overseas health cover must be paid for whole duration of studies
  • I must maintain 85% attendance
  • I must maintain eligibility
  • In case of any change of circumstances I must have to inform my education provider and Department within 07 working days
  • I must have to inform about my Address and contact number to my education provider and Department within 07 working days after reaching Australia for my studies
  • If I will travel to Pakistan I must have to inform my education provider and Department before 07 working days
  • If I will breach any visa condition my COE and my visa will be cancelled

My plan is to travel and stay temporarily in Australia to get a MPA degree. It is my sole motive to travel to Australia which is the right way to enhance my career prospects in my homeland. It is matter of reality that I can get the best outcome from my foreign education in Pakistan where locally qualified are always undervalued in term of selection, post, salary and other benefits. I am an amicable person with a lot of warmth in my heart to embrace and greet new cultures. Hence, my study duration in Australia will be an adventurous episode of my life as I will have the chance to interact with so many people of Australia. It will be a good cultural exchange programme for me and I intend to respect Australian culture from the word go. Upon graduation I shall come back to Pakistan and try to introduce macro and micro accounting policies like the one mentioned in upper pages, so that I may be a source of economic transformation for Pakistan.

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