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MAOA And CDH13 – Genes Linked To Violent Crime

There is a link between two genes and a person’s tendency to commit a violent crime. Researchers from Sweden examined the patterns of criminal behaviour and genetics in Finland. The two genes, which are MAOA and CDH13, are present in the genomes of 10% of the violent criminals. Once again, it is important to note that non-violent criminals do not have same high activity level; they actually have a low activity level, to do the same crimes as violent criminals.

The findings from the study showed that genetics plays an important role in violent behaviour, scientist warn us not to label these genes as ‘crime genes’. The majority of people who carry one or both of the MAOA and CDH13 do not commit violent crimes and in return, this big risk associated with genes is actually a small risk. A researcher form the University of Colorado, says that there are many factors that contribute to why criminals commit crimes, we cannot just say it is in their genes. Factors include biological contributions to a criminal or antisocial behaviour and it is vital to consider their environmental influences.

A scientist from Oxford University said that many people use this as an excuse to not be convicted for a crime or to shorten their sentence, which is wrong because genes are not the only factor and they do not automatically make a person violent.

This source was published on the 29 October 2014. There is no evidence of bias in this article and the tone and language is in the correct manner for someone who knows what they are talking about. There are many other findings that are similar to this topic and no findings have been omitted deliberately from the findings. This can therefore be deemed reliable.

The author is part of a group called the Genetic Literacy Project and the people in the group are all highly qualified in various science and medical fields. There is multiple evidence to support this. The research came from the group of people from different companies and universities around the world. The research was done in Finland and this does not affect the results because people all around the world. This can therefore be deemed valid.

This did narrow down my research and increase my knowledge of the topic by giving me a more in depth understanding of the topic. This does relate to a similar context in my research. This can therefore be deemed useful.

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