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Lover Movie Review

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Raja Tarun, the young heroine who is struggling with successive flops, has come up with ‘Lover’. The film is directed by Dil Raju Banner and the film is set to become a director with Anish Krishna, who is the director of the hit film. Let’s see if this film is going to change the way Raj Tarun.

The story

Raj (Raj Tarran) Artistic Mechanic made of customized photo bikes. When he is a little accident and arrives at the hospital, he falls in love with a nurse, Chrida (Ridhi Kumar). If she does not like Raj before, then she will also take her love. Ridhi is trapped in a big problem while both are happy. Some people target her as she wants to reveal a conspiracy in a hospital where she works. The intrigue is what happened to the curious tarjet. How did Raj save from the rest of the story?


In these days the viewers want something new in every movie without the difference that is bigger. If you do not have a specialty, the striking point is not for the audience. Despite this fact again and again, the directors have repeatedly come back to adventure with new novel stories. Anish Krishna, who introduced the film with the movie like ‘How To Do It’, made such an adventure with ‘Lover’. The story is nothing new. Having seen hundreds of times. There is no variation in the story itself. However, technical aspects of the film, the filmmaker, Dil Raju, have been featured in Banner. Rich Production Values brought some beauty to the film. But the original problems are the rhythmic stories. It’s okay to do something so busy with some of the sequels that do not get too much. There is nothing special about this.

The hero who lives in the play and playing the heroine. The heroine takes him light. But in one case the hero is done for good work done. Both duets work together. After that the heroine has a big problem. It will solve the hero and enjoy the story. How many of these films have you seen in hundreds of movies? The heroine is falling in love with the signature of Hero Heritage to the person who came to the hospital with the accident. In this way, you can come up with an idea of how the heroine’s romantic track is running in ‘Lover’. Anish Krishna, in his second film, was disappointed in the film ‘How to do it’. The hero’s attempt to comedy with his friends did not give much effect. The romantic track and the comedy are both normal and nothing special. The songs are visible to the scenes.

The latter feels better in the second half compared to the way it is. This is the main reason for Kerala background. It may be in the scenes may be in the songs. The atmosphere is very beautiful and beautiful. The heroine, who is Malayali, seems to have fun at home. In the second half, the story moves quite a bit. The villains’s affair is also paradoxical. Anish Krishna has done the role of villain to remember the film. But there is no excitement here. The actor, like Sachin Khedekar, completely wasted. We can imagine that he is introducing the role of the character but later it is settled. There is no great twist for the villain episode. But in the end a twist gave the end of the story. It’s a mixed feel. To summarize, a timeless love story is a ‘lover’ sausage. This is compared to Raj Tarun’s last movies.


Lover is the biggest asset music. Most of the songs that were composed by the five music directors are impressive, especially the ‘dirty dream of me’. Its talent theme music is also impressive. The rest of the songs are cool. Background music is also okay. Samir Reddy is another big attraction for the film. Each scene is especially impressive in the Kerala episode.

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