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Love Is Worth Everything Book Report

Is living all your life only indoors actually living? Everything Everything is a fiction YA novel by Nicola Yoon. It was a very fast read and captivates the reader. The author of this book did a great job at balancing the lightheartedness with the serious. It has romance and suspense and is very well written. This book introduces us to Madeline (Maddy) Whittier. Maddie is an 18-year-old living in Los Angeles, California. She has a very rare disease that makes her allergic to basically everything.

There was really nothing she could do about it so she accepted the life she had and coped with the fact that she would never have the life of a normal person her age. That’s until a boy named Olly and his family moved nextdoor. Maddy then became very curious as she watched him now and then flipping around and climbing his house. Little did she know he was watching her too and he was just as curious about her as she was about him. They then start finding ways to communicate and eventually fall in love. That’s when Maddy decides that love is worth everything–including her life.

Since she decides love is worth everything, she goes outside for the first time. She goes to Hawaii with Olly and that’s where things take an unexpected turn. After some investigating Maddy realized she had been lied to all her life. A major theme in this book is love is worth everything. In the book we see that Maddy chooses to go outside on a trip to Hawaii with Olly to “truly live”. She didn’t only want to go outside but she also wanted to spend time with the guy she fell in love with–even if that meant risking her life. At first the major conflict of the whole story was person vs nature.

Mainly because everyone thought Maddy had a disease that made her allergic to everything. Later on in the book we realize it truly was person vs person because Maddy’s mom just wanted to protect her and since she is a doctor in the story she has the ability to do so. This book is told in first person point of view of Maddy. This allows the reader to really understand her thoughts and feelings. We get a great understanding of what her life is like and how she sees the world without going outside. We see how she fell in love with Olly and how it impacted her life.

Getting the point of view of another character wouldn’t have worked out as well as it did with Maddy. I would’ve liked to know Olly’s and Maddy’s mom’s thought too. However I feel that having a third person omniscient narrator would have drawn the reader away from Maddy and her thoughts. The authors built tension in the story by making everything perfect when Maddy and Olly were on their trip. The reader knows anything can cause Maddy to have an allergic reaction, because of that we’re constantly waiting for something to go wrong.

The author does a good job of making it seem like everything is perfect so that when something does go wrong it really hits you. However once you think it’s over another thing happens that’s even worse. That’s how the author keeps you captivated the whole time. The title relates to the book in many ways. It could represent that Maddy is allergic to everything. It could also have a deeper meaning like love is worth everything and everything should be done to experience it. Both fit perfectly into the story. The structure of the novel is very unique. Each chapter is either just Maddy’s thoughts, feelings and ideas or what is actually going on.

We get what is happening in one chapter and then the next one is Maddy developing a certain topic addressed in the previous chapter. This allows the reader to truly connect with Maddy. I really enjoyed this book. I feel that it is very well written and the characters are very unique. Maddy is a Japanese African American teenage girl. I really like how diverse the characters are. I’ve never read a book with a Japanese African American character. I think it is essential for books to have diverse characters because after all it is a diverse world. I feel that the novel had a great balance of romance and suspense.

In the story it mentions that Maddy had been living indoors all her life. Therefore the only people she had ever encountered were her mom and her nurse. Since she hadn’t ever talked to a guy before I thought she would be more awkward than she really was. I felt that she should’ve had a lack of social skills. However she acted perfectly normal around Olly and on her trip to Hawaii. I felt that this book could’ve been longer. I wanted more about Maddy’s experience on an airplane and how she saw the world from above. I would’ve liked the author to have addressed her thoughts and emotions more in debt the first time she was doing things outside.

I felt that the last about ? of the books was a bit rushed to get through everything. I would’ve enjoyed a bit more detail. I loved the relationship Maddy and Olly had in the book. I love how Olly was always looking out for Maddy’s best interests. It was very cute and romantic. I loved that Maddy’s feelings toward Olly were so strong she risked her life to spend time with him. However did she really need a guy for her to become curious about the outside? Did she have no intentions of being free and going outside before she met Olly?

I feel that she shouldn’t have needed a guy to chase after for her to want to go outside. That was pretty much the only thing I disliked. In conclusion I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I loved pretty much everything about it. It’s one of those books that just makes so happy yet makes you upset at the same time. You really get the chance to know Maddy well and get attached to her character. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance book. Of course with a twist. You’ll be captivated from the start. It teaches you life is for living and love is worth everything. Everything.

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