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Looking At The Chinese Lifestyle And Norms

From the context above, I have decided to talk about china. China is the world most populated country with a number of cultures dating back to several years. China has got a number of cultures like for example they do pray for boy child, folk worship which they view as an important part pertained to the ancient folk custom. They also have others like the Bonsai cultures which is an art. The Chinese therefore have developed quit a good number of practices as a result of these cultures and traditions.

As an interested partner in the Chinese tradition as a researcher I found that the Chinese value and uphold their cultural values. The young children in the society are trained to continue practicing this traditions and therefore it is something that has been transferred from past generation to the current one. These cultures embody their religious beliefs and therefore the practice of some of the cultures here is regarded sacred. Some cultures like the Chinese kungfu are practiced as a defense mechanism. This is a type of fight commonly seen among the Chinese community. Their culture is also greatly being influenced by Confucianism which is very important as it puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of respect to the rulers. Confucius is preserved for teaching doctrines related to Chinese culture.

The practice of kungfu among the Chinese is a cultural practice. A lot of films about this have been produced and have gone too viral on the internet.

Young growing children will be taught this and as a result they will use it as a defense mechanism. This has however reduced the use of guns for protection among the Chinese. The practice of kungfu is highly valued among the Chinese and as a result it has become a major cultural practice in china (Zang).

At the birth of a child in China, a lot of cultural practices are conducted at that particular time like for example there is praying for a son, the protection of feotus, labor and much more. This is usually done in series of times and in most cases it is a continuous process though done at various different stages. The Chinese community that price this believes that by praying to a new born baby will drive away the evil spirits that may befall the child. There is also praying for a son, a baby son is prayed for and this is usually done in three stages, there are prayers offered to gods, there is also offering sacrifice to gods. Foetus protection is usually done to protect the mother from any kind of evil things that might happen to her like the issues to do with miscarriage. This is done by giving some nutritious meals to the mother such as meat soup or even vegetables (Zang).

Generally the right of birth includes three mornings and what we call grabbing test. It is an embodiment of people’s recognition of production. There are several lessons that people learn from watching these films like how it is important to care for a pregnant woman. This shows how the Chinese culture is directed to caring for the people in the society. Lots of the customs are embodiment of traditional Chinese culture.

In Asia there are a lot of traditions such as Buddhism, dim sum, origami. Putting a lot of emphasis on Buddhism, first of all it is a type of religion. This religion was established very many years ago in response to the life teachings, it was given them name from an ancient man called Gautama Siddhartha who was referred to as Buddha (Zang).

In Asia we also have some cultural practices such as the Ching Ming festival. It is a holyday among the Chinese people and it usually go for two days. Normally people party it by going round and dropping powdered colors from the rooftops. They also play with balloons that are filled with colored water with very big feasts.

We also have some festivals like the one celebrated by some of the Asian countries. There is what we call Eid-ul-Fitr which is celebrated by the Muslims of Asia twice a year; it is celebrated at the end of holly month Ramadan when Muslims observe what we call obligatory fasts. Another one is celebrated by the sacrifice of an animal such as a goat or a cow and both are times of family celebrations (Khairullah and Khairullah 1).

The Chinese cultural history has got a lot of diversity and variety. Chinese civilization was reach in the arts and science. There was a lot to do with paintings, pottery and the printing techniques. This traditions were much more respected everywhere in the world. Their philosophy and politics still have a strong influence

Things to do with Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism have left a lasting impression on Chinese culture and tradition. There are also certain things that were propagated by Confucianism like love and rituals which signify respect for society and social hierarchy. Buddhism talked about the need to attain self emancipation through doing good things to the environment and to the whole nation at large (Khairullah and Khairullah 3)

Buddhism was spread to china back in the 68 AD during the reign of Han dynasty. By the time it was developing in China, it had a great influence on traditional Chinese culture and today it has become the most important religions among Asian countries.

It is also noted that cultural Chinese values do influence their foreign policy and create a better approach to resolving conflicts that might arise and also conduct international affairs. This cultural values also have a great influence on national psychology and recognition of persons. Some of the cultural values that influence the psyche of the Chinese people are like righteousness, courtesy, loyalty, wisdom and even benevolence (Khairullah and Khairullah 10)

The Chinese culture has also developed the tradition education of culture. Without a better understanding of the cultural impact on the traditional education, it will be hard to understand and comprehend the educational traditions of china and to bring a change in the Ideas of education. Some traditional cultures can be examined from only the historical materialism in order to show the essence and to facilitate modernization of education in china in the present day (Khairullah and Khairullah 12)

It is, therefore, very important to call for a cultural sensitivity in order to bring the ability of the managers to understand the views of people leaving under different culture and to know whether they are willing to put themselves in other peoples perspective. This can also be of great benefits to the international; managers by only understanding the nature and variables of these cultures and how they affect various processes of various organizations.

Cultural awareness can also enable this people to develop the correct policies that can help them plan and control various international organizations. Cultural values also are as a result of shared values amongst various people belonging to various nations.

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