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Letter to self

Dear self,

Hey you, I know we are in this together. Remember the promises we made? For better and for worse. In sickness and in health till death do we part? I hope those promises were true and you will not fuck me up at any time. Am loyal. I just noticed I need to share some few things with you in attempt to make you feel loved and inspired. So listen up, I have important things to tell you.

Do not let people take you down or affect how you feel about yourself. Do not take things too personal. Learn to let go. Forgive people even though they’ve hurt you so badly, try and understand their side of story. Learn from their mistakes and let that remain in the past. Accept what makes you different and embrace what makes you unique.

I know you like maintaining a low profile, but listen up, dress up every day. Your dressing speaks a million about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Find clothes that fit you perfectly and make you look gorgeous. Experiment different styles and personalize your style. You don’t need to apply ton of makeup if you don’t feel like it. Just ensure you look presentable.

Build connections with people. I know you have been told before that good grades are assurance of a great life. Well, it’s true if you are pursuing a medical course or law. But really, as a business lady and aspiring entrepreneur, do not let university GPA determine your success. What matters the most is the desire to learn from people and environment every day and building connections. Some great lessons cannot be taught in school you just have to learn them from people.

Create a portfolio. Add to it everything that you learn. Any new thing that you make or want to improve. It doesn’t matter what career you end up in, just make sure you have a portfolio. Keep adding to it.

Create a life that you will be proud of. Make great use of your time, resources and those around you. Keep your hopes and dreams high and don’t let anyone affect them. Do not rely on others for your happiness.

Be kind to others. Treat people with utmost respect. Help others. Treasure your family and your close friends. Be selfless. Be genuine with your feelings. Love like you’ve never seen pain.

Be more beautiful each day and leave them guessing how you do it. We still have a lifetime together. I love you.

Yours sincerely


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