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Leadership & Influence Question

To be a successful future front-runner or influencer it can’t be easily achieved by accident, rather it is by track records of dedication, resolute and accomplishments over a certain period of time embodied with the intention and willingness to do so.

It is with bold notes, I will like to express my profound account of achievements saddled with the demonstration of leadership and influencing qualities from my early days till date with almost no much impediment.

Firstly, my first role was a position of a house captain in my primary school at the age of 11 in 2000. I then served as an assistant class representative and as a class representative at my year one and two of my secondary school in 2001 and 2002 respectively. I was likewise a senior prefect in my final year in 2006. These series of positions held almost with no stop begin the stepping stone for me to engage in leading and influencing others. And since that time, there is never a place I went to without finding myself overseeing the affairs and advising as could be seen in the next paragraphs.

Among the most important qualities I often demonstrate are trust, fairness, hard work and dedication, selfless service, perseverance, patience, willingness to act, among others

Secondly, as a results of success in winning the Etisalat merit scholarships for the top ten students of each Nigerian universities in computing courses in 2010, during my undergraduate studies, I was nominated by my universities to launch of zero tolerance for corruption (ZTC) at the Bayero University, Kano. The ZTC is the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s initiatives to support anti-corruption campaigns in university campuses. I managed the ZTC as an acting chairman in order to participate in influencing and inculcating the culture of integrity and accountability to students.

After graduating from university, I was one time a public relations officer with MDGs/NYSC where we advocated MDGs in Sokoto. Similarly, I submitted my business proposal with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for consideration to a CBN/NYSC venture award competition of which I won as a second position out of hundreds of applicant indicating my influence drive in creative writing.

Currently, I am a System Analyst, Department of Management Information System of my alma mater, responsible for analysis and design of the e-library infrastructures. I headed a team that developed the new portal for the ICT Library in order to have adequate collections of e-resources that are accessible to library users. This improved the university standing and earned the 2016 National Universities Commission’s Accreditation for the Library ICT standards.

I strongly believe that, the opportunity of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship would potentially enhance my leadership capacity and service delivery especially in

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