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Key Considerations of the Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility study

The feasibility of the project is analyzed in this phase and business proposal is put forth with a very general plan for the project and some cost estimates. During system analysis the feasibility study of the proposed system is to be carried out. This is to ensure that the proposed system is not a burden to the company. For feasibility analysis, some understanding of the major requirements for the system is essential.

Three key considerations involved in the feasibility analysis are:

  1. Economic feasibility
  2. Technical feasibility
  3. Social feasibility

Economic feasibility

This study is carried out to check the economic impact that the system will have on the organization. The amount of fund that the company can pour into the research and development of the system is limited. The expenditures must be justified. Thus the developed system as well within the budget and this was achieved because most of the technologies used are freely available. Only the customized products had to be purchased.

Technical feasibility

This study is carried out to check the technical feasibility aspect, that is, the technical requirements of the system. Any system developed must not have a high demand on the available technical resources. This will lead to high demands being placed on the client. The developed system must have a modest requirement, as only minimal or null changes are required for implementing this system.

Social feasibility

The aspect of study is to check the level of acceptance of the system by the users. This includes the process of training the users to use the system efficiently. The users must not feel threatened by the system, instead must accept it as a necessity. The level of acceptance by the users solely depends on the methods that are employed to educate the users about the system and to make them familiar with it. Their level of confidence must be raised so that they are able to make some constructive criticism, which is welcomed, as they are the final user of the system.

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