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Job Satisfaction is More Important

Practically speaking, people tend to find a job with a higher income to meet their day to day needs. Whilst, in reality, the feeling of satisfaction with their job weighs more than the compensation itself which I agree with. Contentment is way more necessary regardless of what kind of a job we are into as long as we are fortunately grateful, motivated, and fulfilled.

To begin with, having a job that we simply love gives us happiness to grow more not just as an individual but also as an employee per se. People with a great passion for their work are more likely altruistic and influencer to their subordinates and or co-workers meeting the company’s objectives by enjoying their job with a friendly harmonious relationship environment. Whereas, working after the money would definitely lead a person feeling unsatisfied at the end of his shift and more likely quite the job because of discontentment.

Moreover, being motivated is one of the reasons why people are inspired to go to work and will keep them to stay longer in their preferred workplace. For instance, loving and enjoying what they are doing no matter what the task is. This will relentlessly keep them achieve their goals whether or not the salary is reasonable.

Finally, if the person is devoted to his job, he will surely contribute a positive impact not just to himself but in a professional way, most especially with the company. With regards to the quality of the job, a person who is more affectionate with what he does are the ones who are more innovative unlike those who only come after the pay cheque they will receive monthly.

To sum it up, generally, in order to be able to achieve everyone’s needs is to earn more money. Whereas, ultimately the vital part is the feeling of profound contentedness with the job we have which cannot be bought by any kind of monetary value. That means living is not just about being comfortable with the wealth that surrounds us yet a well-balanced quality of life is utmost important—job, family and self-worth.

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