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Jackie Robinson As A Person Who Had An Impact On History

A person can be labeled as a hero in many different ways like, caring, giving, helpful, courageous,and that is just naming a few examples. But my definition of a hero is someone who makes a difference in history like, standing up for their rights and equality, puts people first and not themselves. That’s why Jackie Robinson is the right candidate for my hero essay, because he is someone who is an opportunist, and who self-sacrifices themself to protect the people they love, and his willingness to stand up for their rights.

Jackie Robinson had the willingness to stand up to persiving racism. When a friend of his was detained by the police, Jackie protested about his friend that was detained, and was arrested and received a two-year suspended sentence. He stood up for his rights and his friends’ rights. After the event of his friend getting detained, his brother Mack Robinson was killed in a motorcycle accident. After his brother died Jackie decided to stay closer to his family.

Jackie Robinson dropped out of school to help his family with their financial problems. Jackie went against his mothers’ and girlfriends’ wishes to not drop out of school. Jackie then signed for an athletic director for the National Youth Association. Then when the National Youth Association ended he traveled to Hawaii and played football for the Hawaii bears semi-pro team. So Jackie sacrificed his education to help with his family financial problem by going to Hawaii and playing on the semi-pro football team and joined the military due to the attack on Pearl Harbor, but couldn’t go overseas.

Jackie Robinson was an opportunist. He was offered to a tryout for the Boston Red Soxs on April 28, 1945, but didn’t get signed do to his race. Jackie then received an offer from an old friend, Reverend Karl Downs, to become an athletic director for Sam Houston College in Austin, Texas. He also became the basketball coach. Then in 1945, the Monarchs sent him a contract offer for $400 per month and he accepted the offer. He took every opportunity that was offered to him.

Jackie Robinson was a person who had an impact on history. The reason he had an impact on history is that he ended segregation in baseball, and change the way sports are played today. A way people can live up to his title is by taking any opportunity that is given to you whether it is bad or good.

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