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Is Thomas Sanders Gay? Who is The Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

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Whether you believe it or not, Thomas Sanders has made his mark in the sands of American entertainment industry. The iconic internet personality has garnered much fame through uploading comedy sketches on YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. He has built a huge fan base on social media and has recorded some awards in his name. It might interest you to know that the young champ isn’t just a YouTube comedian; he is also a talented actor, scriptwriter, and singer. He has released several hit singles and has appeared in several musicals such as Heathers: Te Musical, Singin’ in the Rain, and Les Miserables. In addition, he has guest-starred in Disney Channel show titled Bizaardvark and has worked as a co-anchor of the Disney XD show titled Walk the Prank. Learn more about Thomas Sanders, his sexuality and girlfriend below.

Thomas Sanders Bio

Born in Gainesville, Florida on April 24, 1989, Sanders was raised in a core Catholic family. He is the third out of four siblings; he has two older brothers named Christian and Patrick, as well as a younger brother named Shea. During his middle school, Thomas developed a keen interest in singing and theatre; he often appeared in several dramas and singing competitions organized by his school. He went on to graduate from the University of Florida where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2011. While at the University, he also worked at the Gainesville community theatre and after his graduation; he started working with an Engineering firm and also combined it with a part time job in the theatre.


Sanders joined the online video sharing community called Vine as Foster_Dawg in April 2013. He started uploading several funny videos on his Vine channel. He garnered fame following his ability to mimic people; in his first viral video, Thomas was mimicking Stewart Griffin, an online character from the animated series Family Guy. He recorded got his breakthrough when he uploaded a live series while narrating different people. Thomas is also popular for hosting the Disney Channel series titled Pranks with Friends, Musicals in Real Life, Misleading Compliments, Shoutout Sunday, and Pokemon Pranks, among others.

Through his constant engagement with his fans, Sanders vine became the 17th most followed account on Vine with over five million followers in 2015. Following the shutdown of the online sharing community in January 2017, the internet star continued to make short videos on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. He created popular hashtags such as FanArtFriday, SupremeArtSunday and SuperArtSaturday.

Furthermore, before joining Vine, Sanders was already on YouTube as at 2007. He opened his first official YouTube account in 2009 after which he started uploading several video contents including comedy, musical, social justice, and pranks. He collaborated with other popular YouTubers such as The Gregory Brothers, Anthony Padilla, Lilly Singh, and Hanna Hart, just to mention a few. He further started a YouTube series titled Sanders Sides in 2016.

Asides from his social media career, Sanders is also a talented singer and has released several singles including Snow in Venice in 2013 and Proud of Your Boy in 2015. Alongside John Cozart, he released RIP Vine: A Song in 2016 and the following year, he released Tomorrow never Came, among others. He has appeared as a guest on the Disney Channel series titled Bizaardvark in 2017; after which he anchored a special episode of Walk the Prank alongside David Lopez.

Is Thomas Sanders Gay?

While there have been lots of speculations swirling about the sexuality of many celebrities; Thomas Sanders has also been caught in the web such speculations. Many of his fans have been itching to have a glimpse of his love life and relationships but were getting fewer answers instead. However, coming out from the closet, the star made a shocking revelation regarding his sexuality in June 2017. He revealed that he is gay, notwithstanding the fact that he has portrayed both bisexual, straight and gay in his videos. This revelation raised several eyebrows amongst his fans; nevertheless he has been accepted for who he is. Sanders have joined the long list of celebrities who have come out openly to reveal their sexual orientation and since then, he has aligned himself with the LGBT community.

Who is The Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Since Sanders revealed his sexual orientation, some of his fans have come to accept it while others have wanted him to reveal who his partner is. However, Thomas Sanders hasn’t been so vocal about his sexuality in his videos. He enjoys keeping his personal life away from the limelight. Currently, he is not in any known relationship; he might have been in a few relationships but enjoys keeping them under wraps. He is focused on reaching the climax of his career.

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