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iRobot: the history of robot cleaner

In 2001, the British technology company Dyson built and demonstrated a robot vacuum known as the DC06. However, due to its high price, it was never released to the market. In 2002, the American advanced technology company, iRobot launched the Roomba floor vacuuming robot. Roomba vacuum inventor turns robots into reality. Watching the original “Star Wars” movie as a mathematically inclined 11-year-old, Helen Greiner dreamed of someday creating a robot. Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot. Introduced in September 2002, Roomba features a set of basic sensors that enable it to perform

Founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality, iRobot has sold more than 20 million robots worldwide. The company has developed some of the world’s most important robots, and has a rich history steeped in innovation. Its robots have revealed mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza, found harmful subsea oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and saved thousands of lives in areas of conflict and crisis around the globe. iRobot inspired the first Micro Rovers used by NASA, changing space travel forever, deployed the first ground robots used by U.S. Forces in conflict, brought the first self-navigating FDA-approved remote presence robots to hospitals and introduced the first practical home robot with Roomba, forging a path for an entirely new category in home cleaning. With more than 25 years of leadership in the robot industry, iRobot remains committed to building robots that provide people with smarter ways to clean and accomplish more in their daily lives.

Company Milestones; In 2017 iRobot launches Roomba 690 and 890, extending Wifi connectivity to entire Roomba line. In 2016 iRobot expands global footprint to China with opening of new shanghai office. IRobot launches the Braava jet mopping robot in 2015 iRobot launches the Roomba 980 vacuuming 2014 iRobot launches the scooba 450 floor scrubbing robot.

In 2013 irobot launches Roomba 800 series, ava 500, and Mirra 530. More than 10,000,000 home robots sold worldwide. In 2012 iRobot acquires Evolution Robotics. More than 5,000 defence and security robots delivered worldwide. In 2011 iRobot develops 110 FirstLook. iRobot launches the Scooba 230 floor washing machine and Roomba 700 series vacuuming robots.

In 2010 irobot celebrates twenty years of making a difference. In 2009 iRobot launches spark education initiative. In 2008 iRobot wins contract to develop Landroid communication robot. iRobot expands into maritime robots. In 2007 iRobot launches Create, Verro, and 2006 iRobot launches the dirt dog. In 2005 iRobot launches the Scooba floor washing robot. In 2004 irobot wins contract to develop Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle. In 2002 iRobot launches the roomba floor cleaning robot, the iRobot PackBot is deployed. In 2001 iRobot PackBot searches at the World Trade Center after September 11th terrorist attacks. In 1998 iRobot wins DARPA contract to build a tactical mobile robot. In 1996 irobot develops Ariel. In 1991 iRobot develops Genghis.

In 1990 MIT robticists Colin Angle, Helen Greiner , and Rodney Brooks co-found iRobot. This survey describes a selection of 30 different cleaning robots, with the first developments reaching back more than 15 years. With a few exceptions we have focused on floor cleaning, in particular indoor floor cleaning. We describe a variety of scrubbing and vacuuming robots which were developed for this task. The described systems range from heavy, large, and expensive industrial cleaning vehicles to small-size, light-weight, low-cost household devices. Thesurvey does not include, however, systems for cleaning facades of buildings, or windows, or production tools.

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