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IPTV Providers in Nigeria-Satellite TV

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The world is moving so fast and so is the way technology is advancing. It wasn’t too long ago IPTV was introduced and a license gotten so its services can be used in Nigeria. And ever since then it has been judiciously utilized by Nigerians. I will not be surprised if in the next few years, people no longer make use of their satellite dishes.

As a Nigerian, in what ways do you have fun and relax? Do you prefer watching your movies and sports on satellite or do you prefer watching them directly from the internet?

Are you aware that there are certain ways of watching programs you like without actually watching them by means of satellite or wired cables? People now view the channels they like on the internet through internet protocol. By so doing, they can not only see those programs as they appear but they are able to also view past episodes anytime they want to. It’s almost as if they are stored for when next you want to watch them. And the good thing about this is that as long as you are a subscriber, you have automatic permission to watch what you like.

Entertainment is now diverse as there are various ways people can have fun and feel alive. Being able to watch what you like, when you want to and what medium to use is just awesome.

All you need to be able to do this is:

  • A smart phone, a tablet or a laptop
  • Very strong internet connectivity
  • Patience to actually sit and enjoy what you watch
  • A subscription

In Nigeria, There are lots of them but we will only mention a few that make this possible and they are:


Who doesn’t know about YouTube in Nigeria? Even a 5 year old child is aware that it exists. I would say that this is the most popularly used medium in Nigeria as so many people make use of it to watch their most loved programs and shows direct from the internet. There is nothing you cannot get from YouTube and there is no information you cannot get from it too. Documentaries, interviews, movies, play lets; shows and drama can be gotten from it.

The amazing thing about watching from the internet is that you are able to recall shows and movies that were produced years ago. Are you aware that some channels can be streamed free on Youtube? Some are France 24 and Skynews.

Pipul TV:

With Pipul TV, as long as you have paid for it, you have the liberty to watch up to 350 broadcasts both international and local. From sports to movies to cartoons to news, you have everything right in front of you. By selecting what you want to view, you have unreserved and total viewing.

DSTV now:

DSTV is known in every country but do you know about DSTV now? With the introduction of DSTV now, you can now stream the channels you want. As of now, the number of channels that can be watched directly on the internet are 46. Isn’t that amazing? So DSTV can be viewed on your television set via cable as well as via the internet.


This is another medium whereby people stream their favourite shows online either through their smart phones, tablet or laptops. With Netflix, you have lists of movies, and shows with dates they were produced. So it depends on what you want to watch. Once you have made payment, you click on it and start watching live. And if you play a pause on it, do you know you can continue from where you stopped?

Unlike watching a television program which keeps playing even while you are not there. With Netflix, you see every action precisely when you need to.

Sky sports:

With sky sports, there are many sports channels to watch the kind of sports you prefer. You are not restricted to just watching selected channels as long as you have made the accurate payment. So while your friends are scrambling around a television box or heading to a sporting arena or viewing arena, you can just watch it direct from the internet.


This is an application that can be used to watch channels on the internet. It is easy to use and can be connected to a bigger screen for a larger viewing.

So there you have it, a list of 6 IPTV providers in Nigeria. Although there are more of these; these are the ones used more by Nigerians.

From these it is evident that people do know how to have fun. Now that you know more about internet protocol providers there are in Nigeria, are you ready to try them out or do you already use any?

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