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Internally Consistent Job Structures

Job Descriptions

This section illustrates an overview of the different positions offered by e-sonic. It comes up with a detailed description of each position in a way that suits the needs of the organization.

Executive Assistant

Summary. The profile of an Executive Assistant includes the ability to perform high-level administrative tasks such as conducting researches, crafting reports, taking care of information requests, and do protocol duties such as communication, receiving visitors, organizing conferences, and scheduling meetings (Mclnerney & Walker, 1998). They may also train and monitor the work of junior administrative staff.

Duties. They are in charge of monitoring executives’ schedules and organizing their travel plans (Mclnerney & Walker, 1998). They prepare necessary documents such as the required word, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentations, and database documents, letters, prepare invoices, write reports, and draft memos. They are involved in the coordination and proper monitoring of office services such as assisting the executives, making budgets, finances related to their department, and housekeeping services (Thompson, 2001). Every-day duties involve responding to calls, taking messages, and directing calls appropriately.

Qualifications. Should meet the following requirements: a college graduate with a major on Business Administration or any other relevant major related to Business, at least two years of experience in serving as senior professional level support personnel in preferably a technologic environment (Thompson, 2001). Should also have excellent computing skills, English language proficiency (written and spoken), and protocol skills.

Administrative Assistant

Summary. Members of this role are in charge of assisting all the protocol functions in the organization (Thompson, 2001). They should have strong multi-tasking capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills as they will work in an incredibly dynamic environment that is characterized by change (Thompson, 2001). They may be able to supervise other staff and handle tasks for the senior management. They usually maintain management schedules and administrative functions.

Duties. They manage workflows by assigning responsibilities to other administrative staff, monitoring adherence to timelines, and ensures work is done correctly (Thompson, 2001). They assist in the training of other teams and the hiring process. They generate memos, reports, and send and receive emails when appropriate. They assume the task of office equipment maintenance. Respond to information inquiries and answer incoming calls (Thompson, 2001).

Qualifications. At least a high school diploma that is supported by some technology and business skills (Thompson, 2001). Those with at least some college education or have been through a vocational training center, computer course, communication, and office skills have an added advantage. Those with college credits that allow them to pursue Certified Administrative Professional examination are highly considered (Thompson, 2001).

Office Manager

Summary. The e-sonic office environment is managed by the office manager who coordinates all the functions that promote its efficient and smooth operations (Thompson, 2001). The offices are busy and client-oriented and, therefore they need a well-organized manager with current skills to run the day-to-day activities focusing on efficiency and time management (Thompson, 2001). They will bear the responsibility of designing communication procedures, rationalizing administrative protocols, supervision of office staff, and delegation of duties (Thompson, 2001).

Duties. They uphold office services by planning office operations and protocols. They include payroll preparation, managing correspondence, developing filing systems, reviewing and authorizing office supplies requests, and allocating and supervising clerical works (Thompson, 2001). They achieve the financial goals of e-sonic by preparing annual budgets, arranging expenditure, evaluating differences, and instigating corrective exercises. Responsible for office staff hiring and training of employees (Thompson, 2001). They design and implement office strategies for defining standards, assessing results against the set-out rules, and making the required modifications (Thompson, 2001).

Qualifications. They should possess at least a high school diploma. A degree certificate is considered an added advantage. They also should have two years of experience in office management responsibilities or related tasks (Thompson, 2001). Should be computer literate with knowledge in Microsoft office. They should demonstrate excellent management skills, familiarity with office surroundings and a deep understanding of the operations of businesses (Thompson, 2001).

Copy Writer

Summary. The position aids e-sonic in the creation of both digital and print advertising materials (Thompson, 2001). The organization chose to have this function to develop it in-house marketing capacity. They are responsible for developing primary written texts for creative and advertising purposes (Thompson, 2001). They should be able to create writings in a tone that befits the requirements of the customers and brand style, and it should apply across many platforms such as digital resources, press advertising, articles, marketing materials, and brochures (Thompson, 2001). They should monitor any changes that take place in the media industry and have the potential to influence ideas and make concepts innovative and new.

Duties. Decoding a client’s message and putting it into written content. They should write content that is engaging to the reader (Thompson, 2001). They should adhere to the voice tone required by the customer and make any amendments as per the client’s specification. Come up with innovative ideas to develop creative campaigns. Supervise and advise junior copywriters (Thompson, 2001).

Qualifications. They should have at least a four-year degree qualification in marketing, advertising, or a creative role (Thompson, 2001). Need to demonstrate proficient writing skills by generating succinct work that is devoid of grammatical errors. They should have a keen eye for details. They ought to have strong research skills and creativity. Stick to deadlines without compromising on quality (Thompson, 2001).

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