Leatherman Micra is one of the most amazing penknives that one could ever have. You might be thinking that why am I bragging about a pen knife, but follow the article and I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with this amazing “King of the knives”. Leatherman Micra is a multi- purpose penknife, having a spring scissors, nail filer, nail cleaner, screw driver, tweezers and a built in cap lifter. I know it sounds really tempting. If you’re a housewife or a busy mom then this is something which you would love to get, because it’s like all in one thing. A knife to carry, while going to drop kids at school, or if you forgot to get your manicure fresh and it’s almost a party time, then you can easily make your small “on-the-go parlor” in a car on the way to party.

Leatherman Micra is known to be a spring scissors only as it is one of the most noticeable feature could be used for office use, not just office use it can be used in schools, supermarkets and specifically home. The major work that can be done from it is at home because the best things that Leather Micra has all the features like, a cap lifter, a nail cleaner, nail filer, spring scissors, screw drivers, flat head screw driver, and a pen knife.


“Triple S”, that I use for the scissors is the ‘Super Spring Scissors’. I call it super because of the super qualities and features this scissors have. The ultimate nail cutter and nail shaper, the paper cutter, the best savior one could have at work. The package opener. You might not know but the blades it has are amazingly shaped which makes it useable in the kitchen as well.


Not just that, the penknife in this compatible little instrument can be used for so many purposes, like one could literally be the help as a best replacement of a kitchen knife, like if you want to cut any fruit or you want to put the butter on the bread, or want to open up a small packet of anything, this knife will save your time and energy as fast as it can. It can be taken on a trek or hiking as well. It is also helping so many people around in offices and schools, even the students carry Leatherman Micra with them as a keychain because they are using it for sculpting and artisty work.


The cap lifter is always a savior when you want to fix your breaks with a drink. There are times when you baldy need a drink but you don’t have anything to open the bottles. Leatherman Micra helps you in providing an all in one package having a best quality cap lifter which can lift your mood anywhere and everywhere.


Having a nail filer, a nail cleaner and a perfect pair of nail scissors is a blessing, 3 in one. Doesn’t that sounds tempting? I know it does because you never expect that you can have a manicure on the go anywhere, anytime and you are done with it, feeling all “BLING BLING”. All busy moms who are worried taking care of their little kids doesn’t get time to get their nails done can serve themselves with this amazing 3 in 1 personalized manicure kit.


The screws drivers, a small and the flathead screw driver is a really cool gadget to be used. It is helping everyone around to either fix the screws. Whether it is a mother, who is fixing her kid’s toys a father who is doing those specific “fixing- on- the- weekend” chores, the employees, the teachers and everyone has this majical screw driver set that is helping a lot of people around.


  • Leatherman Micra is multi-purpose, all in one, so you don’t need to buy everything separately.
  • Leatherman Micra is best used in kitchen and home.
  • The best thing to travel with is Leatherman Micra because it has everything in it.
  • Housewives can make the most out of it, as it has almost all the instruments they need all the time.
  • The small size makes it easy to carry.
  • It comes with a safety cover.
  • Leatherman Micra can also be used as a keychain.
  • It is somehow one of the crazy self-defense tools that people could carry.


  • Leatherman Micra is better that kids doesn’t use it because they will be needing parental guidance. It has so many tools that they won’t be able to handle and they might harm themselves.
  • Due to its small size, the use is a bit limited. Because only small tasks can be done with it.
  • If any one of the instrument loses the screw and fall away, it will be of no use.

Consumer Behavior

We asked people around who has bought it and are currently using it and got to know that people are loving Leatherman Micra. The mothers and housewives are so happy that they have almost a mini kitchen carried in their pockets. One of the customers has first bought it and then he recommended others, and because of the chain that has formed because of the word of mouth a lot of people came to buy it. Some offices and schools had a contract with the company that they get a stock for their employees every year. So far the Leatherman Micra is blessed with the positive consumer behavior.


It is an amazing instrument that is used for many other uses and not just one, it can be utilized in the kitchen for cutting, as an stationary, can carry it anywhere, camping or hiking or on a trek. It can be also be utilized to its full potential, as an office use or stationary item. None the less it’s easy to use because it is very concise and portable and secondly it does not take a lot of space so busy mothers and housewives can easily carry it in pocket or a small bag, so it is highly recommended to them.

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