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I Only Came To Use The Phone

All I wanted to do was use a cell phone and suddenly I could feel the air being sucked out of my body, I struggled trying to get the stranger off of me as I raced to the front door. I pounded against the floor until my fingers felt scraped on the cement and as I tried to reach the door handle with all the strength left in my body it was too late. Waking up in the middle of the night telling myself it is only a bad dream when in reality there was no way to escape the nightmare because it was truly happening and there was no way out or anyone to hear my voice.

In the story “I Only Came to Use the Phone” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, there was a character named Maria de la Luz Cervantes’ who went through the worst situation ever one evening when her car broke down in the Monegros desert while she was by herself on her way back to Barcelona. Just imagine being stranded in the middle of a desert all alone without a cellphone. There is a nightmare theme because of the description the narrator gives based on the characters and the setting where the story takes place, which can also relate to trust issues and all ties back to a nightmare.

One of the first incidents that turned into Marias worse nightmare takes place in the middle of a desert when she was making signals to the cars driving by and no one would pay attention until a bus pulled over and she asked for a ride to the nearest place where she could find a phone. Then she ended up falling asleep and woke up in a strange place. It wasn’t until she realized why the women in the back of the bus were so tired due to the fact that, “They were sedated with tranquilizers, and the dark palace with thick stone walls and frozen stairways was really a hospital for female mental patients.

Everything about the place was creepy because it was late at night there was a storm and Maria was trapped with random people who needed help. The worst part was that even though they realized Maria did not have identification with her name on it they still didn’t let her leave. Which is offal because in the real world if a mental institution knew a person did not have an I. D they would have let them go just for the fact that no one paid for the person to be in the institution. We all know all they really care about is the money and not about the patient.

Therefore, the only way to understand this passage is as a nonsensical nightmare. Another major factor that took place in “I Only Came to Use The Phone” that deals with trust issues were when a doctor carefully listened to her as she expressed the way she felt and told him about her problems and he gently patted her and squished her cheek with such kindness that she had never experienced. “He gave her a bishop blessing from the door, asked her to trust him, and disappeared forever. This is significant because trust issues were a concern in the story since at first she felt like she could trust the doctor.

She even thought he would let her use the phone because he was being so sweet and didn’t ask for anything in return but it turned out he let her down and eventually vanished. Her husband ended up being someone who also had trust issues because he believed she had left him for someone else and had jealous problems. When she finally got a reach of him, he didn’t believe a single thing she said and he called her a whore and hung up.

The worst part is that her husband went to go visit her at the hospital, but still thought she had left him and believed the matron when she told him Maria needed more time to recover and he ended up leaving her there to rot. I would have been heartbroken if I was Maria, I could only imagine how she felt deep down. Overall, this all ties back to a nightmare because without trust there is not much a person can do because what if information gets to the wrong person that was supposed to help us in a life or death situation. Eventually it can get a person killed, which would be the worst nightmare.

In addition, there was another character that Maria encounters in the story, which turned into a nightmare for her. It was a matron whose name is Herculina and she was insane because she was a lesbian and had murdered two people in the institution. She wasn’t even penalized for the incident. The matron said, “An exchange of love for cigarettes, for chocolate, for whatever you wanted. You’ll have everything, you’ll be the queen. ” This example shows how psychotic the matron is because she felt like she had the ascendancy to do whatever she pleased to the patients since they were afraid of her.

The narrator also mentioned how one night Herculina went into Marias room and tried taking advantage of her because she began to kiss her and after she took it too far Maria practically punched her to get her off. I would have been terrified if I was Maria. She almost got molested by a woman and this would have been a nightmare for me if I was in Marias situation since it was very uncomfortable. Moreover, it was dreadful how nobody believes Maria, which turned into a nightmare she could not wake up from. All she wanted to do was use the phone to call her husband.

Obviously, if a person was stuck in a mental institution I doubt anyone would ever listen to a person if they said they were not crazy. Throughout the story nobody heard her voice and it is horrifying because anyone can end up like Maria in real life. The fact that she trusted the lady the second she got on the bus makes things worse. They let her down and turned her life into a complete nightmare. Her husband didn’t even believe Maria. She would get drugged and they made her own husband believe she really was insane.

Anything can happen to an innocent person and it is upsetting how Maria did not have control over her situation, especially in the way she was trapped and how she could not wake up from her nightmare. Finally, the narrator did a great job implementing a nightmare theme, the way the characters and setting was set up, and how trust issues can be a cause of a nightmare a person just wants to wake up from and believe that it is really not happening to them. As soon as Maria arrived at the bus destination anyone could have predicted that there was already going to be a horrifying scenario.

The narrator made the nightmare, so realistic that it almost felt as if I was in Marias shoes. Many things went wrong for Maria and anyone can end up in a mental institution without having anyone believe that we are really not insane. Due to these considerations, it is everyone’s nightmare to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere without a phone and have a random person give us a ride without knowing their intentions on whether or not they’re actually the crazy ones who will turn our life into a nightmare.

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