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How Violent Was The Old West

People often have an inaccurate perception of the Old West, thinking it was overrun with cowboys, murderers and violence. I believe this is largely due to western movies that represent the time period inaccurately. Cowboys are depicted as men whose only job is to fight bad guys with guns, when in reality their jobs were much more varied.

There were other people in the Old West besides cowboys. Native Americans for example. Native Americans didn’t only live in the Old West, but they were a big part of it. The United States government even had a program called the “Indian Wars” where they would force Native Americans off their land so that white settlers could move in. This often resulted in violence. So when people say that the Old West was violent, I think they are mostly referring to the violence against Native Americans.

But even this wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Sure, there were some conflicts and massacres, but overall Native Americans and white settlers got along pretty well. So I don’t think the Old West was as violent as people make it out to be. It was just a time in history when America was expanding and Native Americans were being forced to adapt to the new way of life.

Understand the history of the Old West and the Great Plains. Indian tribes inhabited The Great planes. buffalo influenced their way of life considerably. They lived in tepees since they were easier to move around after the buffalos. White settlers, on the other hand, migrated west across The Great Plains in the mid-nineteenth century.

Native Americans were pushed out of their homes and onto reservations. The white settlers brought with them a more violent way of life. There was more fighting and Native Americans were often the victims. Even though there are many stories about how violent the Old West was, it is important to remember that violence was not always present. There were also times of peace and cooperation between Native Americans and white settlers. However, the overall history of the Old West is one of violence and conflict.

The Great Plains were previously seen as an inhospitable wasteland, with only about 1865 people settling there. This is why buffalo hunting decreased the population and local Indians were relocated to reservations. Native spiritual practices and territorial beliefs varied greatly. All of these elements combined to form a major dispute between the European Indians and Europeans.

Native American tribes would often attack settlers’ homes and farms in order to drive them out of their territory. Additionally, many Native Americans were killed by US troops during battles. The Native American population was greatly reduced during this time period.

The Old West was also a time of great violence between cowboys and lawmen. There were very few laws governing the west, so it was basically a free-for-all. Outlaws would often rob stagecoaches or steal cattle. Shootouts between cowboys and lawmen were common. There was also a lot of violence between different cowboy gangs.

Although the average homicide rate in Cattle Towns was only 3 per year, this number is not as significant when considering that their population wasn’t more than 3,000.

It is also worth noting that in the years from 1870 to 1885, there were only two recorded bank robberies in all of the cattle towns combined. There were no stagecoach robberies either.

So if we compare the Cattle Towns to today’s America, they seem quite safe. In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, the homicide rate is way higher with more than 10 murders per 100,000 inhabitants. And while you have a chance of being robbed in any major city in America, it was quite unlikely to happen in an Old West town.

But safety wasn’t only determined by the number of homicides or robberies. It was also about the feeling of safety. And this is where Native Americans come into play.

Native Americans have often been portrayed as the “bad guys” in movies and TV shows about the Old West. But they were not the only ones to blame for the violence. The settlers were often at fault, too.

The settlers took away Native Americans’ land, which led to a lot of fighting. In some cases, Native Americans would attack settlers in revenge for something that had been done to them or their people. In other cases, they would attack because they were starving and needed food.

But Native Americans weren’t the only ones who resorted to violence. The settlers did, too. They would sometimes fight Native Americans because they were angry about attacks on themselves or their property. They would also fight to get revenge. The settlers were also known to attack Native American villages, even if the Native Americans had done nothing to them.

So while the Cattle Towns may have been relatively safe, the West as a whole was a very violent place. Native Americans and settlers were often at war with each other. There was a lot of fighting, and a lot of people died.

On the other hand, there were cities like Benton – depicted in Document 4. A town with an average of one murder every day. This is a great example of how violent the Old West was. However, it seems to be an exception. You can see an illustration of local law in western towns in Document 5. It appears that all of the things that are associated with the Old West are forbidden by law. There is no carrying concealed weapons, no rifle or pistol firing or discharge, no drunken behavior on public thoroughfares, and so on.

All these things were punishable with a fine. So it seems like the law in these towns was quite strict, which makes me believe that the Old West wasn’t as violent as we think it is.

Native Americans in the United States have long been subjected to violence and discrimination, both from individuals and from the government. Despite this history, Native Americans continue to make significant contributions to the United States. Today, Native Americans make up a small percentage of the US population, but their impact can be seen in many areas of American life.

Some of the most famous Native Americans include Sitting Bull, who led his people in resistance against US government policies; Pocahontas, who was instrumental in helping early settlers survive in America; and Native American rights activist Russell Means. Native Americans have also been prominent in the arts, with Native American authors such as Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich winning awards for their work. Native American actors such as Graham Greene and Wes Studi have also had successful careers in Hollywood.

The Native American experience is an important part of the history of the United States, and Native Americans continue to play a significant role in American life today.

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