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How To Support Stereotypes

In the world and atmosphere of models lies the world and atmosphere of stereotypes and misconceptions. Stereotypes categorize a group of people and tend to be exaggerated within those categorizations. Misconceptions are formed by built up stereotypes, are also exaggerated and are concluded by faulty thinking and facts that are incorrect. Humans tend to turn to making stereotypes because its a natural instinct to do so as in ones mind, one controls how they perceive others usually starting upon ones intitial appearance, which can be looks or simple observations such as what one likes, or dislikes.

With all that said, stereotypes usually grow into the common misconception and is done because it’s always easy for the typical human to create ideas or statements without gathering righteous information that is true. All of these things, stereotypes and misconceptions, can eat a self esteem alive as they are very very frequent in the everyday model’s life. Usually the model lying in the supermodel department, showcasing things such as, fashion, hair, makeup, etc. , things all in the window of beauty, that the common eye pays much attention to and what seems to be very important in society.

Since models are seen to be unhealthy and uneducated they should be more understood because of them being so important in our society as well as being very popular in this era in time. Stereotypes are a widely believed mental picture of a group. These groups are all created by one person then with a domino effect it rubs off onto other people, molding one big stereotype. The characteristics and abilities of one group may lead to people making the assumptions of another, turning out false. Within these characteristics is how all of the categorizing starts and takes a toll on an individual living in society.

Stereotypes can affect one positively or negatively, positive being that one person may gain confidence by feeling apart of something or negative being getting that title that usually is harsh and in reality isn’t really who one is. With truths are how stereotypes originally are made therefor should never be tweaked and grouped, truths should just be understood. Stereotypes as common as those are, are fairly easy to get rid of, it just relies on the outside world to take initiative into no longer judging, categorizing, assuming or making truth into lies.

People should not have to deal with this sort of problem and should live freely without fears of being given a group or a social classification or boundary on who an individual could be or is. With flawed thinking and incorrect understandings, the misconception is made and sadly is used to identify the actions of a group. Misconceptions support stereotypes or vice versa and go hand in hand, as without one you cannot have the other. Situations that one may go through and experience may be falsely seen through another’s eyes as they do not comprehend the struggles, joy, success, disappointments, etc. at the other goes through.

To do this is the easy way and the simple route to take and is possibly why the ideas of misconceptions are not dying out or ending in an everyday scenario. Attitude also has a major impact on the one choosing to give out misconceptions completely invading a view and opinion about the stereotype that started it off. With stereotypes it’s common to make a truth into a lie by grouping but misconceptions make a lie into a conclusion by believing that lie.

At this point, the lie has became the truth within their visions and others’ visions making them understand something incorrect and that was blown out of of proportion. It’s easy to agree with a misconception rather than to disagree and to go beyond the crowd. Models, male or female, possibly the group of people that get handed and told the most stereotypes and misconceptions in the book. Stereotypes along the lines of models are dumb, only used and only good for looks, aren’t healthy nor natural whether it be surgery or makeup that those individuals turn to.

Also adding on, being ‘stuck up’, rude, conceited, and depending on the status of the work that is done, may be ungrateful. The money aspect as well, is huge with models all being rich and wealthy or only accepting jobs with big brands and high pay. This is where the people begin to express these stereotypes and use a lot of this against this community of models. These opinions can be a lot to take in for the models and most of the time is just extreme even before described and explained.

But, besides all of these negative outlooks on a model, compliments, love, and a fan base is in fact given to these people based on what a model stands for and in reality what they do to get to the highest point. The beauty in ones self can be inspiring in a lot of usually young girl’s lives because of how popular and famous models are and people look up to that nowadays. Bashful thoughts and comments outweigh the positives though and are payed more attention to as jealousy is common when one is beautiful. My personal experience with modeling went rather smooth and enjoyable as meeting other models inspired me.

As them or me did not do any of these things just mentioned. Modeling should never be negatively annotated but the opposite to build ones self esteem and confidence and to those who watch them, can gain the confidence as well. “If they could it, you can do it” is what helped me get through the small modeling experience I got to live. Feeling actually better than ever, never stuck up because I wanted to be that person that initially gave me that same motivation. Never did I once visualize accomplishing what I did through all the hard work that I had to put in.

I never cheated myself through plastic surgery, throwing up, starving yourself that was all false and never looked upon by me or any of my modeling sisters. Also something huge for me had to be that I’m intelligent and smart with my schoolwork, my actions and just the way that I carry myself as a women, and I do as a matter of fact take in offense that the stereotype of me being dumb just because I model is even a thought. Even towards the girls that I worked with because they are smart as well and most of the time put education above anything.

That journey was taken so positively and the stereotypes, since so easy created should be switched from mine and what I witnessed experience. Models are ones which go beyond the crowd as people who are confident within themselves to do jobs as special as to act like visual aids for people who create works of art. With that idea of being the visual aid it then puts a factor on the model to try and shine more than an average model or any model at that. Being so passionate about coming out on top at all times, aspects of height, face, weight, all beauty related, are highly considered and inforced to perform for the expectations given to them.

The modeling life requires a lot of strict obligations to meet in order to be able to do what a model does but is done in a correct way no matter the level. Within the levels that a model goes through or is at, people tend to throw on the beliefs that models do not have the body figure on earnings and hard work but rather cheated and getting ‘skinny’ in unhealthy fashions such as, forcing themselves to throw up, starving themselves or turning to plastic surgery.

Now, in the past some models did in fact use the method of throwing up to lose weight quicker and to have that perfect image then creating this huge stereotype amongst all models today. This popular stereotype within the modeling community is formed when a couple people do it then assuming that a whole group practices that as well and that is wrong. Stereotypes and misconceptions that are not true at all, begin with the uneducated factor, with a personal experience being provided and some more information.

Many models have a college degree even before modeling or work on it during that time in their lives and after their career is done in modeling, soon take on owning a business or whatever it may be that they studied before hand. After this career that they take on most of them take on more knowledge from the jobs that were taken on and create something out of it. Inventions aren’t done by just any old ‘dumb person’ so that stereotypes should be long gone and reincorporated into something positive.

It takes a lot to be a model and one has to be smart in that position as well as how to broadcast ones self, how to practice what one does and simply carrying ones self in a an appropriate manner. It takes much much much more brains to be this model that everyone drools over, to be smart with every move, and advertisement that is out into to the spotlight. Following that any idea that models only take big brands or want high pay is false as well. High pay and big brands have nothing to do with a model as they sometimes just want the position to do what models love to do without caring about those factors.

Another that is not true is being unhealthy as models most of the time being on the thinner side are unhealthy and tend to starve themselves for the right appearance. Which is false and incorrect, as models usually are the healthiest! For this ‘right appearance’ work is put in, eat the better food, and excercise daily. Not once do they starve themselves or choose a shortcut, sure there are supermodels that may get lost in getting a perfect image but that does not mean all and should not label the whole community of models that take the time, thought and effort to being great at what they do.

Also with a personal experience would be a model being ‘stuck up’ which is also incorrect. Models if anything are nice for the fans that support them every step of the way as they see the obstacles the models have to overcome therefor models feel that greeting them is the least they could do to show the appreciation. Models are like any other human being and are not perfect at all having tons of flaws, so conceitedness is never even a characteristic within them because they are insecure still. With the insecurity though and being in the spotlight so much everything has to be embraced and turned into confidence rather than being conceited.

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