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How To Perform Umrah

Have you been planning to perform Umrah? If you are performing it for the first time then you should not miss out reading this blog post as here we are sharing the complete guide on how to perfor Umrah. There are basically four main Rites of Umrah as mentioned below:

  • Putting up of Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Sa’yee
  • Qasar / Halaq

Ihram is the first step where the pilgrim sets Niyyah (intention) of Hajj or the Umrah and recites Talbiya before Meqat. You have to take a bath all with the intention of Ihram and then wear Ihram sheets. You will be going to offer two Rakat of Nafal all the way covering your head. All through the headuncover declare your intention / Niyyah with the words: “O ALLAH! I intend to perform Umrah, please make it easy for me and accept it from me”. You will enter Masjid Al Haram and then recite Darud e Sharif and Supplicate to ALLAH and proceed in the direction of the Kabah. In the prohibitions of Ihram you will be cutting Nails and do the hair cutting or even removing extra hair from any part of the body. You should be covering your head and face and should not be putting yourself in any kind of the sexual activity.

For the beginners there are some special session training classes as well for the correct performance of the Umrah. Your Umrah is incomplete without the performance of the Tawaaf. Always remember to do it!If you want to perform with Umrah then it is much important to get a complete know how information about how you can apply for the Umrah activity. As soon as the month of Ramadan starts off some costly and cheap packages of the Umrah starts to be announced all over Pakistan. According to some of the people no matter whether it is Umrah or Hajj it is done in costly rates and you should have at least handsome amount of money to visit that dream place. But that’s not a true conception at all! Now there are certain type of packages from Pakistan that are cheap enough to travel for Umrah. Do you want to know about those packages? Through this piece of article we will be highlighting down with some of the major and cheap Umrah packages from Pakistan.

List of Best and Cheap Umrah Packages From Pakistan

  • Economy Umrah Packages from Pakistan will be starting at the cost of about Rs 25000/.
  • Plus the Budget Umrah Packages from Pakistan will be starting at the cost of around Rs 28000/.
  • Moreovre the three Star Umrah Packages from Pakistan will be starting from the cost of Rs 35000/. Main Services in Cheap Umrah Packages from Pakistan:

List of the main services that will be provided inside the Cheap Umrah Packages from Pakistan are 6 Nights accommodation in Makkah Hotel along with 7 Nights accommodation in Madinah Hotel as well as 1 Night accommodation in Makkah Hotel. Plus we will be providing with the complete air conditioned service of transport to the places of Jeddah to Makkah and Madinah to Makkah and Jeddah. You will be given all the meet and assist services throughout your whole stay in the Umrah package. In these 15 days of package you will be provided with the 1 Jumma-tul-Mubarak at Makkah along with one in Madinah. You will be getting the chance for the Double Umrah with Tawaf-e-widahImportant Cheap Umrah Packages from Pakistan 2015 Processing Requirements:

  • At the time of application you should bring along your valid and original NADRA Passport. Make sure that the visa is valid for about the minimum 8 months.
  • Plus you should attach 4 Passport size photographs with white backgrounds. Be sure that the photos are passport size otherwise they will be rejected.
  • You should mention the name of Mehram along with the Relation that will be required in case of lady.
  • You should have original Computerized National Identity Card.
  • Plus you should bring along NADRA child registration Certificate in case if you are taking along a child with you.
  • Furthermore the NOC will be required in case of Government Employee. You should submit your entire professional documents in case of investigation.
  • Lastly the Polio vaccination card will require in support of the children than 15 years.
  • You should completely fill the form otherwise the incomplete form will be rejected on the spot without informing you.

So this was the complete overview discussion about the cheap Umrah packages from Pakistan! We hope that through this post you must have catch enough information about the cheap Umrah packages provided in Pakistan. So stop wasting time and start applying for these cheap Umrah packages! If you are planning to do Umrah, then you would be finding so many private and public based associations who are involved in offering you with the umrah packages with the best services. It is very much important that when you are making your way to Makkah and Madina for the first time, then you do expect that you finish off with your journey quickly and that too under the access to the best services.

In this regard, we are sure that this post will be coming across as a lot informative for you. In the package you would be getting the validity of the 25 Shaban. It does add up with the 14 nights and 20 nights of the package stay in its custody. In their rooms, you would give three categories of the quad room as well as triple and double room centers that will cost you with the different price ranges of the 19,964 as well as 20,900 and 22,450. You should always try to choose the umrah package in which you think so that your comfort level and suitable scale is falling. Do the best research work you can do as we provide the best details regarding Umrah to our clients.

Main Terms and Conditions of Umrah Packages from Pakistan:

  • In Pakistan, all the office centers have one same rule that they would be demanding for the Rs 20,000 as regarding collecting before filing for MOH approval. You will be paying the remaining amount as your passports will be handed over to you.
  • In the Umrah complete package, there will be the charges for the meals along with the laundry and Ziaraat as well. You should undergo with the access of the filing of the MOH just as before 20 days of your travel date.
  • If you have any infant along with you who has the age of below two years, then they would be charged with some Rs. 15,000/-
  • It mentioned that the child who is having the period of 5 years and is sharing the bed along with parents would charge 75% of adult rate. Child availing bed will be going entrusted with the coverage of the full adult rate.
  • Moreover, the self-hiring of the accommodation along with the visa is not permitted.
  • Plus, the arrival and departure of the flights at the place of Madinah airport will make you charge with the amount of 200 SAR for the taxi.

Main Documents Required For Umrah Visa: Now there are certain documents which you should be having in your hand to get the Umrah visa successfully and that too for the short duration. Scroll down and learn about those main documents list!

  • You should be having the NADRA passport that should have the validity of about eight months all along with the two blank pages together and also with the original C. N. I. C.
  • You should also be having the four passport size photographs that should be in the light blue background.
  • You should also be having the coverage of the FRC / Nikah Naama / relationship affidavit for the purpose of the lady passenger where the relationship with Mahram is said out to be not determinable through passport name.
  • At last, you should have the vaccination certificate. Well, there are so many small and major things which you should probably be keeping in your mind when it comes to the Umrah packages and performing the task of the Umrah. If you are playing it for the first time, then you should stay back little alert and conscious in this regard. Choose the company that is making you provide with the complete services at the comfort level. We hope that this post would have come up as a lot informative for you in this regard. We will come to you in the next posts for more details continue visiting our website.
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