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How to Make Chocolate Step by Step

How to make chocolate step by step

Chocolate is one of the most popular desserts and snakes in the world and the procedure of making it is complicated. The main ingredient is cocoa bean from tropical evergreen cocoa tree, which grows in wet tropics of South and Central America, Southeast Asia and West Africa. Cocoa beans need to be collected by hand, since machines could damage the flowers’ clusters and the pods that grow from the trunk. Pods are the place that cocoa beans grow in, which are about football sizes. Pods sprout off the trunk and branch of the cocoa trees. Pods contain up to 50 cocoa beans each.

The first main step is collecting Pods and removing cocoa beans from the pods. The pods will be taken into processing house after being collected. The color of pods turn from green to orange when they are ripe. The color of fresh cocoa beans is not brown at all, besides, the cocoa beans are not taste like sweet chocolate until they are finally produced.

The second step is fermentation. Fermentation is process which causes an organic substances break into simply substances, especially, the anaerobic break down into alcohol. After cocoa beans being removed from pods, they will be placed on heated and large trays. Sometimes, the sun can provide enough heat for fermentation, the workers just need stir them up in order to make all cocoa beans be fermented equally. This procedure always lasts about 5 to 8 days.

The third step is drying the cocoa seeds. After fermentation, the cocoa seeds ought to be dried before transforming to manufactures. Farmers always leave fermented cocoa beans under the sunshine and spread them on the trays to dry. This process usually take one week and the weight would decline to half of the original weight.

Next step is roasting and winnowing the cocoa beans. Roasting cocoa beans could develop the flavour and color of the beans which is able to help them fit our modern palates. During this process, the shall of beans are removed as well as the inner meat will break into small pieces which are called “cocoa nibs”. Selecting the cocoa nibs by making them pass through the sieves according to the sizes is called winnowing.

Furthermore, after “roasting and winnowing”, the cocoa beans will be ground into “cocoa liquor” which is called grinding. The nibs melt from the heat that grinding generates. The amount of adding milk, butter and sugar is depending on individual manufactures’ methods.

“Blending and modeling” is the final step, blending is further refined which can bring the cocoa liquor to partial size. The cocoa powder is blended back with butter, sugar with different quantities to make different flavour. After blending, the cocoa liquor will he harden into various shapes which is called modeling. Lastly, the chocolate will be packaged and distributed to markets all over the world.

In conclusion, the steps of making chocolate are complicated. From the tropical trees to markets, the cocoa beans would go through collecting, fermentation, drying, roasting, winnowing, blending and modeling. Then we would have different flavour of chocolate in the markets for us to choose.

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