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How to introduce yourself in the interview?

You’re in the reception of your dream company for a job interview, dressed in the best formal you had with good hair and polished shoes, but one thing in mind will you be able to crack this interview and get this JOB?

These happen almost to everyone and it is very common. Few things are quite as dismaying as job interviews. You approach them knowing that unless you match the employer’s expectations you’re not going to land that sweet gig. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you’ll make a good impression when the stakes are high. Below are few points that one should ponder while giving any interview.

  • Introduce yourself to the interviewer in a professional way.
  • Be straight and valid when describing you in a job interview.
  • Practice your reply but make one thing sure it should be natural and not sound rehearsed.
  • Tell the only information you want to convey. Begin by talking about past job experiences and achievement.
  • Mention your strengths and abilities.
  • Days before the interview check the details of the desired company properly on company’s website and glassdoor.
  • Make sure you avoid politics or anything potentially divisive.
  • Tell them how your skills have made a distinction in your professional life.

And at last let’s talk about what you don’t have to tell the interviewer when they ask you “Tell Me Some Thing About Yourself”. Most people get nervous in the interviews and this causes stumbling even in the most basic conversations. The most dreadful one is “tell me something about yourself”. As the interviewer ask this question, generally candidate starts with his personal information. The point to think is that, really the interviewer interested in your personal life? Nope! Here you make the mistake. This is for what you should prepare yourself. So, when they ask you “tell something about yourself” he/she is not asking about yourself in general but they are asking about your professional self. Basically, all they want to hear a reply which should reflect that you are aware of the company’s requirements and ethics.

For this, you should have better knowledge of the company in which you are appearing for the interview. This will help you to present yourself confidently in front of the interviewer. Meanwhile, your tone should register as fluent, convincing, and well equipped. Basically, they want a perfect answer which contains all your professional achievements which can give the company their required candidate. Most of the people brag the interviewer with false information you should always tell which is totally true. That is why one day prior to the interview write down all your achievements and pick all the important keywords which will not only boost your morale but also will impress the interviewer. The candidate can choose a success story based on conversation and that will be the turning point of the interview.

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