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How to free India from corruption

India has already been through the trend of corruption. It is a very common and powerful predominant feature prevailing since ancient time. History has already witnessed the pressure of corruption as India has always been dominated by other countries, first the Britishers looted from our country and then there were mughals and now politicians. Early the kings where the supreme power of the kingdom and the minister where the one who started the scenario of forgery of accounts but earlier they did not coined the names for this faulty act. But now everyone like to enjoy luxury and wealth and to satisfy this they take extreme steps of stepping in corruption to satisfy those needs. Currently we have experienced 2G scam, 4Gscam, saradha group financial scandal, common wealth game scandal and the list goes on. Corruption is mainly caused by distortion of morality, honesty, character, duties, rights and justice toward their jobs.

In other words it means that people give more importance to monetary benefits rather than their duties towards the country. They ignore what is right form of doing work and concentrate on continuing illegal activities which hamper our country’s economy as well as the moral values of it. Thefts, causing danger to someone life, damaging public property for their personal means and benefits are various forms of corruption. Corruption is not a phenomenon that is experienced by India but it prevails in developed as well as developing nations. As we know that India is a developing country so the chances of growth of corruption is higher here as most of the politicians, government and private employees take benefits of this situation.

Corruption is present in every section and part of society whether it is a wholesaler, retailer, businessman, politicians or higher ranked officers. Corruption is an incident that does not only include big politician and businessman but on small level where the citizen avoid paying taxes to the government and the auditors in the company who manipulates the book of accounts to save taxes of company .These small events contribute a huge part to the rise of corruption. The main scenario is that the people or the authorities who are needed to concur this situation are now the most important part the corrupted system itself. The bureaucrats who are making their efforts to make the system correct are also enforced to go along the corrupted system and this include the high ranked officers who are not independent and are under the control and pressure of these legitimates. We all need to fight hard to improve our society from these destroyers. Corruption does not only hamper the growth of the society but it gives rise to the terrorism and hawala rackets and counterfeit currency. What’s happening in Kashmir is a subpart of this. The money which is needed to be provided for the development of the country is transferred to Pakistan from where the same amount is brought back to India in form of fake currency through Nepal, china which affects our economic cycle. This money is also used in feeding terrorism in India.

For controlling this affect the government took the step in form of demonetization. Under which, huge amount cannot be stored in home and to be deposited into banks which resulted in raiding many corrupted people.

A pure economy where corruption does not prevail cannot be existed but the steps which can be implemented on small level can be that people need to be more educated about it and when they see corruption happening in any level they need to report it .Strict laws needs to be passed by the government to attack this corrupts.

The media and the awaked people of the society who are coming forward with PIL against the corrupted society and trying their best to save our system from collapsed but they are not well recognized. The recent step which was taken by government as demonetization was appreciate and the next step was GST .These is really a need of some influential steps that are needed to be exercised. The government processes need to be more transparent and there is a need to change the government process. The government is accountable to the general public and regular information about its schemes and development plans need to be examined. There is a need to reduce the gap between the government and public where they can directly contact and inform about their problems. The income department needs to be more active about the activities which are being conducted by corrupt.

A proper amount of salary needed to be given to government employees to fulfill their need as per the current scenario there is a huge price hike in the market. This will avoid them from taking bribery activities. Giving employment in government sectors to the people will avoid delaying of work by officials and expect monetary or other benefits for faster completion.

The government can make it compulsory for every purchase and sales needed to be made online or through credit or debit cards so a proper transactional record could be maintained. Camera vigilance needs to be made compulsory for every government office so a fear could be maintained in the minds of employee.

The selection procedures in government needed to be fair and transparent as most of the candidates come in government sector to perform illegal activities.

Now the government needs to be more technology friendly and adopt different technologies to counter these situations. There is a need to introduce new equipment to monitor the activities. Every citizen need to open their bank account and do all the transactions through online or through bank only which will prevent any unrecorded transition. The government has recently introduced GST through which every seller will be provided with GST number to prevent tax evaders .These are step if taken efficiently can eradicate corruption from our country at some level.

It’s high time to saves ourselves from the slavery of the riches and supreme power and helps ourselves and the country in best possible way to get rid of corruption.

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