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How to Eat Your Way Towards a Healthier, Happier and more Energetic Life

With the increasing amount of junk food and processed food available around us, it’s hard to resist the temptation of gulping down those deep-fried, crispy French fries or that Nutella sandwich. They say you are what you eat, and well, it’s true. Eating all of this unhealthy processed junk food has made us humans weak and unhappy.

Stuffing yourself with fatty and sugary food can also cause hormonal imbalances that eventually make you unhappy. Therefore, in order to live a healthier, happier and more energetic life, you need to start eating a clean, well-balanced diet. Here are a few tips that will help you and guide you on your journey toward a happy and energetic life:

Don’t keep snacks or any sort of junk food in the house

When you’re hungry at 2 am in the morning, you’re very likely to pull open that junk food drawer in which you store all of your junk food and snack on it. However, if you stop the chain right where junk food enters your house, there will be no junk food in the house to tempt you. You’ll know you have nothing to turn to except clean, healthy food and this way, you’re taking an easy step in avoiding junk food. It’s harder to avoid it when it’s in the house right in front of you. Therefore, don’t even let it in the house in the first place. I know how hard that can be, especially when you have kids in the house, but try not to get them hooked up on junk food in the first place and teach them the importance of eating healthy starting from a very young age.

Eat healthy foods

The best way to keep your energy level up is by eating healthy food that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. This doesn’t mean you cut down fats and carbohydrates entirely out of your diet. You need to follow a well-balanced diet plan that will meet all of your nutritional requirements. I’m sure you’ve all studied about the food pyramid in biology class at some point in your life. It’s time you go look back at that food pyramid so that you can eat the right proportions of different foods every day.

Meal timing matters

Irregular meal patterns can often cause hunger and make you frustrated. Therefore, choose one meal pattern and stick to it. Try to eat heavier foods earlier in the day and avoid eating heavy meals after the evening or at night. This way, your body can extract the adequate nutrients it needs to keep you energized through the day. Sticking to a consistent routine will also help you avoid overeating by snacking in between meals.

Avoid all kinds of processed food

Processed food, even that labeled as “all-natural” should be avoided at all costs. The more the food is processed, the less nutrition it will contain. In this day and age, it can be very convenient to eat processed food right out of their tins. The processed food industry is growing every day as it provides quick eating solutions for everyone and well, since we live in a very busy world, it can be tempting to fall in the trap of these quick and easy processed foods. Instant noodles are one example of a processed food that should be avoided. It has no nutritious value; therefore, it will fill you up but it won’t give you the vitamins and minerals you need to lead a healthy and energetic life. Therefore, try to prefer eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

Keep a check on your portion sizes.

Eating too much can cause you to feel tired and sleepy. Make sure that you limit your portion size so that you consume about 1500-2000 calories per day. Of course, this calorie count is different for everyone according to how physically active they are. Overeating can also cause your body to accumulate a lot of fat, which can lead to obesity. Obesity, in turn, is an igniting factor in many diseases including hypertension and type II diabetes mellitus. Obesity also causes many heart complications. Therefore, in order to live a healthy and happy life, you need to stop overeating.

Don’t starve yourself in the hopes that it will reduce your weight and make you “fit”

Starving yourself will lower your energy levels and is extremely unhealthy for you. You’re not getting fit this way and neither will you reach your fat-loss goals this way. Starving will only make you frustrated because you’ll feel hungry. Therefore, eat well-balanced healthy meals and control your portion sizes, but please don’t starve yourself.

Stay hydrated

Mental alertness is directly related to your hydration level. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel exhausted and you will feel energy-less. Dehydration can also lower your blood pressure and increase your heart rate, both of which can make you feel tired and fatigued. Therefore, it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking several glasses of water a day. Not only this but staying hydrated also decreases your chances of overeating as your brain can easily confuse thirst with hunger. Therefore, you’re less likely to overeat if you’re hydrated.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps above in order to eat your way to a healthy, happy and energetic life! Remember, at the end of the day, balance is all you need. Sure, you can give in to the temptations of eating junk every once in a while, but make sure you keep it limited and don’t go overboard with it. That’s where balance comes into play and that’s where you can make or break your way to a fit and healthy life.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the importance of adequate physical activity and exercise in establishing an energetic routine. Even a little exercise per day goes a long way. So, exercise, eat smart and healthy, and you’re going to stay fit!

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