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How the Elderly People Live in My Neighborhood: An Interview

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Interview 1

The first interview that I conducted involved one of my neighbor Jack who is 74 years old who I consider as my grandfather considering the fact that we are very close and he is a very interactive person who enjoys company of young individuals and keeps on talking about the existing differences during his time and current times. The interview involved a face-to-face interaction, which ensured that I was able to have an understanding on key activities during his youthful days. The conversation was very educative and interactive since I focused on a lot diverse elements involving social interactions. The interview focused on the entertainment scene based on sound recording, radio, movies and television development.

The general understanding that I received from my interview with Jack is that a lot has really changed although their exist different understanding on whether the society has changed for the better for worse depending on an individual preferences. The interviewee listens to jazz music highlighting its soothing benefit. Edward Kennedy Duke Ellington was his favorite artist. The interviewee asserts that idolizing someone back in the time was based on significant achievement in the society and the teen idols at the time were mostly singers who had made remarkable success.

Jack Wild was his teen idol, back then it was very difficult to won a thing and the family owned thus most of the properties. The family owned a gramophone and this meant that his father only operated it at specified time. During this time, the records were being sold at approximately $1.5 in specific shops in our local town. The interviewee highlights that they grew up not knowing CDs until in the 1980s where the world was undergoing significant transformation in all aspects.

The development over the years have been blinding especially the development in the entertainment scene, it was not possible to have high definition images on the screens since the screens that they used in 1950s were very small and displayed less clear images although they learnt to use them at the time. The interviewee highlighted that based on the changes that have been taking place it is very difficult to imagine the past since it seems like nothing would have been functioning.

The programs that were being aired on both radio and Television had almost a similar pattern and watching or listening to different radio or television stations made no significant sense. The movie industry was always evolving and there are some important movies that were produced back in the days although the excellent ones have been reproduced to promote the ideas. The key aspect in the 50s and 60s was the thought process among producers that was out of this world. The interviewee highlights the level of creativity in the 60s and 70s as key which has been unmatched by current producers who focus on improving on the already available idea.

Second interview

The second interview that I conducted involved my uncle who is my father’s elder brother. I chose him because he seems to have more experience than my father when it comes to the development within the entertainment and communication industry having been grew up in the 80s a period when there were significant innovations and development which changed the global focus on a number of things especially technology. The interview was conducted face to face where it was easy to allow the interview have an understanding on the purpose and what I wanted to achieve through his responses.

His most preferred type of music was country music. Country music was very huge during this time with many artists opting for it and it gained global fame. His favorite artist was and still Kenny Rodgers who is one of the legends in music industry as well the pioneers of country music that has been significantly adopted over the year. Kenny Rodgers was his idol growing up and wanted to do everything he saw Kenny Rodgers used to do. He also attended some of Kenny Rodgers concerts as a young adult.

Vinyl Record player was the only music system that our family owned and the interviewee provides an understanding on the fact that his father was very strict with the system and was only used for important occasions. He was afraid for it to be damaged since there was no service center in the nearby. The cost of LPs were averaging at $2 although the innovation of CDs created a significant environment under which they were more engaged and had more information regarding these developments.

There was diversity within the system where movies and television images were clearer and the programing on the radios and Televisions stations began being managed by professionals considering the fact that there were changes in the market due to increased completion levels. The first family color television was bought at $450 in 1981. The interviewee highlights that there are no significant changes during his time growing up and current environment although technology has taken significant control almost on everything creating a very complex environment for development. The key measures that were put in place earlier on have been significantly forgotten in favor of sophisticated technology.

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