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How struggle helps to achieve progress

It is rightly said by Frederick Douglass that if there is no struggle, there is no progress. It is a struggle which keeps us moving ahead in life. One’s struggles never get wasted and he/she always receives a good reward for them. These were golden teachings I was taught by my school teacher. Just because of this motivation, I worked hard in matriculation and scored exceptional marks. Throughout school life, I was a good debater and representative of my class. After getting inducted into one of the prestigious colleges of the country, I continued these traditions for being most brilliant student of the class. My interests are literature and education.

Academically, I have always been a very determined and studious individual, hence why I knew that a degree at University would be the definite next step. I have a broad interest in many subject areas, yet feel drawn towards a law or business orientated degree. With regards to Business, the reasoning behind my choice is the complex and intriguing nature of the subject. I particularly enjoy the way business so appropriately blends in with everyday issues. Since doing mathematics from primary classes, my interest has grown and matured and I am able to view many businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding possible improvements. Law is an area which has interested me from an early age. I enjoy extensive reading and recognize that this is essential in studying law. I consider myself to be well suited to a career in law as I pay much attention to detail and take pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in today’s society and requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments.

Also, Laws, in my opinion, are the cogs in the machinery of society; they are guidelines and Deterrents that are fundamentally essential for humanity to function. Law is the combined public conscience that tells us right from wrong. I first became interested in law through John Grisham’s legal thrillers, such as, “The Broker”. The analysis of a broad range of issues that will be required by the course and the opportunity to further develop my debating skills, are both aspects of this degree which I find particularly appealing.

Besides studies, I also take part in extracurricular activities like debating and sports. I was one of the best debaters in my school. I took part in many debate competitions. This has allowed me to develop and strengthen my skills in communication and organization. I was also a member of my college’s Debating Society, which furthered my ability to analyze and evaluate legal, political and social questions. I can, as a result, present logical and informed arguments in structured and coherent manner – skills that will be integral to a law degree. As well as showing a high level of subject understanding, I feel this has also improved my ability to communicate clearly and co-operate effectively; qualities which will be imperative for individual and group tasks and presentations at university.

I have a hope that one day, I shall study at LUMS and shall become a prominent lawyer in my country. With this hope and dream, I shall keep on working because, I believe, I can and my belief from childhood is “If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you can think it, you can become it”.

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