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How Integrity is Effective in Our Professional Life

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Integrity may sound firm and kind of obscure, yet there are aspects to it that are so critical to your Prosperity that it bears calling attention to – over and again. Integrity represents the deciding moment of your career which makes it well worth paying attention to. Integrity is doing the right thing and making the best decision at the opportune time for an appropriate reason. The best way to learn a word or quality is to look at its opposite – Hypocrisy is the best word I found for Integrity’s opposite. To me, Integrity is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. Integrity is the foundation on which coworkers build connections, trust, and effective interpersonal relationships. In this essay, I’m going to discuss Is Integrity a Foundation Stone to Your Career Success, how you can build it, how lack of Integrity affects you in Life and is it really Important to Show Integrity?

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Many successful people claim that integrity is the single most essential quality for any individual. However, there are some other fundamental things too that a man should have. Just like only integrity and not being kind to associates won’t make you successful. Inspired by a discussion at Silicon Valley meeting pabini Gabriel-petit said that 13 human qualities you must have to succeed in work and life. And integrity was essential one of them. If your career seems to be going nowhere, you should need to consider your integrity. Start with understanding if you are as good as your word. If you have any history of missing due dates for events appearing late or saying things in the fervor exiting apart from everything else and later not catching up then, you might want to think about changing your behavior. When you are as good as or better than your word you will be searched out and extraordinary things will happen to you. Integrity can be summed up as doing what you say you will do. It is honesty accountability and commitment to doing what is right even when nobody is looking. To show integrity, you have to indicate trust. In professional life, the primary thing we trade-off of daily is trust. If you are unable or unwilling to trust the other person to do what they say they will do then how can you work with them this is exceptionally fundamental throughout your professional life. If you make a commitment and then don’t pull through with it and shrug it off, then you are disregarding your capacity to progress in your career. Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire you to search for three qualities: integrity intelligence and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.

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Being honest means telling the truth and being straightforward and open with people. A very wise man once said, “Tell the truth, but never a harsh truth.” People with personal integrity always try to do the right thing, regardless of whether anyone would ever know what they’ve done. They have a strong moral compass. It takes courage to do the right thing whatever the consequences. Integrity is a valuable quality in everyone, but it’s vital in leaders. Your honesty and integrity will engender trust in others. Qualities that form the foundation of all other human qualities include honesty, integrity, courage, self-awareness, and wholeheartedness. However, Honesty & Integrity can sometimes get you into trouble. For example, if you forgot to do something at your job and were honest about it, you could get fired, which could lead to financial trouble (if you’re unlucky.) On the other hand, if you lie about it and don’t get caught, you will most likely keep your job and maybe get a promotion. But Without Integrity, You Cannot Proceed in Career so you Need to Build Integrity, There are basically 3 steps Toward Building an Integrity In your Life, The First one is Truthfulness (Which has been discussed above).

The 2nd Step Is to Show compassion and sympathy/empathy towards others. You cannot live a life of integrity without being mindful of and concerned for others. A lack of compassion or sympathy for others can often result in poor judgment, acts of selfishness, and ultimately a damaged relationship with someone you care about. The 3rd step is to create a personal mission statement for your life. A good way to ensure that you’re living a life of integrity is to lay out a roadmap for yourself. Assess where you are now in life and consider where you want to be in the future in terms of your personal integrity and moral character. Integrity—“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”—Oxford Dictionaries.

Conclusion Integrity is a quality every man worth his salt aspires to. It encompasses many of the best and most admirable traits in a man: honesty, uprightness, trustworthiness, fairness, loyalty, and the courage to keep one’s word and one’s promises, regardless of the consequences. But It is not always wise, to be honest, and Integral. Straight trees are cut first.

A person who is straight forward, Full of Integrity and honesty is criticized somewhere in his life. I am not saying that we should lie all the time but lying at times does not make a big difference. Lying for a good purpose is not a bad thing. Lying without hurting someone can be excused. But You Cannot Just Leave Integrity Behind and Be Successful. From research, Dan Ariely has found that committing a dishonest act in one area of your life not only leads to more dishonesty in that one area, but ends up corrupting other areas of your life as well. “A single act of dishonesty,” he argues, “can change a person’s behavior from that point onward.” So Honesty and Being True in every aspect of Life is the Key to Successful Career.

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