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How I Pursued My Dream Of Owning A Bakery

A wise historical figure named Martin Luther King once stated, “I have a dream.” This small sentence is forever remembered by American citizens, because of the meaning behind these words. I always have Martin Luther King’s words floating through the back of my mind when I fantasize about my own special dream; to own my own bakery. I have been in the kitchen whipping together desserts since I was five years old, and have always had a passion for the feeling baking gives me. Even though I have had previous work experience and taught a strong work ethic, attending a school like the Culinary Institute of America would not only give me new knowledge about my passion, but help me pursue my dream.

Even though my passion for baking was a burning flame by the time I received my first job, my experience at the Cookie Doughjo aided in developing a strong work ethic. The Cookie Doughjo is a place where customers can come in and bake their own cookies with our help, and working with people in the store or over the telephone was important in helping me learn the business side of baking. In addition, events needed to be planned and added to the calendar most days, and dishes were always waiting in the sink. Since I was there by myself most evenings, it was important that I work quickly in order to close on time. This cute little place was where I truly realized my passion for baking because I saw numerous types of cookies each day and never got tired of helping customers bake them. Also, I never got sick of eating them. Desserts are delicious and I am able to taste every ingredient. The feeling is amazing when one tastes the creation they made themselves, and I realized that when I was employed at Cookie Doughjo.

In order to achieve my Bachelor’s degree at the Culinary Institute of America, one needs to have culinary experience and have passion for baking. However, those are not the only reasons. Organizational and leadership skills are important to have before earning a college degree. Being in honors classes throughout high school has taught me how to keep organized and work hard to complete assignments by their due dates. In addition, being the treasurer in culinary club taught me not only premium organizational skills, but business skills as well. Other clubs that have given me knowledge about important skills were being on a swim team and being a part of the National Honors Society. Both of these opened my eyes to how much it means to be a part of a team and strive for the best, especially swim. Swimming, along with my honors classes, showed me how to never give up. Receiving a college degree is one of the most important parts of someone’s life, because it paints a promising future, and reflects one’s hard work.

After I complete my degree at the Culinary Institute of America, I plan on being a cake decorator or a pastry chef to gain knowledge about working in a bakery before owning my very own. I will not only receive helpful tips on how to make desserts into masterpieces, but these jobs will grant me new business experiences. Advancing in small steps will prepare me for achieving my dream someday. Owning my own bakery knowing that most recipes I sell are mine, would put a smile on my face going to work and coming home. I would not mind commuting to work because I would enjoy it, and I would be helping to support a family at the same time. These steps are what will make me the best that I can be.

I have always been someone who works hard and strives for the best, and completing an advanced program at the Culinary Institute of America would give me wisdom on how to be successful in the baking and business worlds. Not all schools offer baking and business together, so enrolling at CRI would be a wise decision for my future life style, and I could achieve so much more with my Bachelor’s versus my Associates. Their programs would present me with new dessert recipes and ideas on how to own a successful bakery, and having my background experiences to add to that new knowledge will help me achieve even more. Attending the Culinary Institute of America would grant me abilities I would appreciate for the rest of my life.

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