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How Does Scout Come Up In To Kill A Mockingbird

What if you were six years old then all of a sudden you’re twenty-five years old. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are three main characters Scout, Jem, and Dill. But Scout is the main role. These kids grew up during the great depression the dust bowl and racism. In this story i’m going to explain how these themes come up in To Kill A Mockingbird they are Evils of racism, Female roles and Reunion. The point of this paragraph is going to be about how Scout,Jem,and Dill grow up listening everyone in the town and everyone they know talking about racism.

Scout,Jem,and Dill hear racist stuff from Cal, Miss stephanie Crawford, Aunt Alexandra,and most of the townspeople. In the book right before the trail starts there is a picnic for the whole town and Scout,Jem,and Dill make there way to the other side where all the black people of the town were. So they go on that side and sit down and eat their sandwiches But the Scout asks Jem “Why is that man drinking out of a brown bag? and jem responds with “ Oh it’s just a coca cola bottle but sometime i see him put whisky in it and the brown bag is just so that the children and women can’t see him drinking. ”

Later in the trial Dill can’t take it anymore and he starts to cry so Jem tells Scout to take him outside so that he can get himself together. Scout takes Dill down the steps and takes him outside and that’s where they see the man that was drinking out of the brown paper bag. He goes up to scout and asks if dill is ok and Scout say “ Yeah just couldn’t take it all in at one time.

The man responds with “ Son come over here and drink some of this (Handing Dill the brown paper bag) just don’t tell anyone ok. ” Scout looked confused and asked Dill what did he drink it. The man said “ It’s just coke cola right. ” Dill said “Yes sir” Then the man started to explain “ I let him drink it because i know he needed it but i Don’t put whiskey in it i just let the townspeople think that because that’s all they think of me a drunk black man. But just please don’t tell my secret. ” Both Dill and scout agreed then said goodbye and went back in.

This relates to evils of racism because the town thought just because he was a black man that he had to be a drunk but he wasn’t and it’s sad that he went along with it. In my opinion the world has gone bad about racism because he shouldn’t have to be labeled a drunk just because people thought that he was putting acoul in his drink. So evils of racism plays a big part in To Kill A Mockingbird and the kids have to grow up with it whether they like it or not. Female role models also play a big part in To Kill A Mockingbird.

Cal and Aunt Alexandra are great role models for the kids Cal teaches them a lot of things like how to cook clean do house work and helps them with the homework if they need it Cal is basicly there mom and aunt Alexandra teaches Scout how to be a girly girl and how she’s supposed to act and talk and dress. Cal takes Jem and Scout to her church on sunday because Atticus has to go out of town. So she gets them all dressed up and they go to the church. When they get there Cal is really happy that she brought them and is showing them off to everybody.

There was this one Lady that knew Calpernia and asked her “Why did you bring these white children in our church” And Cal was trying so hard to not go off on her so she stayed calm but she was digging her hands into Jem and Scout. Jem,Scout and Atticus took a trip to Aunt Alexandra. When they got there aunt Alexandra told Atticus that he was raising Scout wrong and she shouldn’t be in overalls and be wearing dresses and skirts. But by the end of the book Aunt Alexandra understands her and by the end of the book when Scout and jem come back to the house she gives Scout her overalls.

Cal And Aunt Alexandra are important to the book because without them they wouldn’t know how to cook or clean or what to wear to certain events or what they should in certain times. Females Roles Are very important because you need a mom or a relative or somebody to help you because you can’t just push it all down you have to let some of it out. The last thing that i’m going to talk about that is important to the book is a Reunion. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird there is a reunion by Mr Arthur Radley (Boo Radley). The Kids have fun thinking and making up stories of him and wanting to meet him.

At the beginning of the book the kids had just meet Dill and Jem wanted to go touch the wall of the house and so they dared him to to it and that what he does. So he runs into the gate and touches the house then runs right out passed Scout and Dill and straight back to their front porch. When miss Stephanie crawford’s house blows up and they go outside and when they go back in Jem asks Scout “Where did you get that blanket? ” and they all look around and they found out that it was Boo Radley put the blanket around her.

The kid start to find stuff in the tree right in front of Boo Radley’s house the 1st thing they find was a piece of gum and Scout ate it right away. The 2nd thing was a box of shiny new pennies. The 3rd thing was a ball of twin. The 4th thing they find soap figures. the 5th thing was a pack of gum. The 6th thing was a spelling bee medals. The 7th and final thing they found was a watch . They found out that Boo Radley was putting these things in the tree but were very upset when Nathan Radley plugged up the tree hole.

At the end of the book Boo Radley picks up Jem and Brings him into the house and he meet Scout for the first time and scout was really excited. As you can see Mr arthur (Boo Radley)is important because even though they thought he was a monster he wasn’t he just kept to himself.. But when he is needed He does a great job helping. Reunion is important to this story because if Boo hadn’t come out any of those time the would be no help Scout would have been frozen if he didn’t bring her the blanket and Jem could have been dead is Boo hadn’t came.

IN conclusion the Evils of racism,Female roles,And reunion there wouldn’t be anything good in the book what would have happened if there was no racism that would have been nice but it helps with the book. What would have happened if there was no Cal or Aunt Alexandra the kids wouldn’t have been able to say anything nice to anyone or have feelings. THink what would have happened if there was no Boo. Jem would have died and so would have scout. That why i chose these themes because they relate to that book To Kill A Mockingbird.

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