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How can Teenagers be Convinced to Drive More Safely?

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Teaching your kids how to drive is considered as one of the most important part of a parent’s life. Every parent has to go through this phase at some point in their life. It’s just like teaching kids to be kind, that ‘sharing is caring’ and to study hard. Helping them learn how to drive is as essential as all the other things that we teach our children. Along with that, the hardest part of it all is handing over the keys to the car to your kids. It can be happy, proud, terrifying, exciting and sad all at the same moment. But, what’s more important to understand is that all these feelings are mutual from both the sides.

The kids will always remember the first time they ever drove a car. They have a strong memory when it comes to recalling which parent played a vital role in the teaching them to drive. In a survey conducted about the early memory of driving lessons many teenagers recalled the behavior of their parents while they were teaching them to drive. Teenagers vividly remember the role of each parent as they began learning how to drive. They remember which parent lost it all and which stayed calm and collected all throughout the lessons. It’s totally normal for parents to worry about their kids. Teenagers can most of the time be rash drivers without even realizing it.

But, everything can be controlled if we convince and teach teenage kids to drive safely and responsibly.

Let us discuss some tips on how we can teach teenagers to be responsible drivers.

Practice Makes Perfect

The phrase “Practice makes a man perfect” isn’t just words but it holds certain importance in real life as well. Driving schools might be helpful for teenagers to learn to drive but they don’t provide much hours for the teen to practice. The more they practice the more close they get to be good drivers. Driving schools provide 6 hours on road which is not sufficient. An average teenager needs a fifty hours of road experience to be a great driver. The more they practice the close they get to be called good drivers.

Try Different Scenarios

The first step that a teen goes through is to apply for a learner’s permit and that he or she gets only when they pass their vision and written exam. After taking this exam the teen gets the chit to drive but under someone whose twenty one or above. That’s the time when teenagers can try driving in different scenarios like driving at night, in a bumper to bumper traffic, on country roads, in rainy weather, on bumpy roads, on freeways, at dusk and so on. It’s really essential to practice driving in each and every condition and scenarios.

Practice with Less Risk

It’s very important for parents and driving instructors to teach teenagers to build up hazard recognition and judgment. While parents are way too busy teaching kids to Parallel Park and how to control the steering wheel they mostly forget that not most of the people are killed parallel parking. There are other many emergency response techniques that we need to teach teenagers for the to be ready to face each and every challenge.

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