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History of Israel and Palestine conflict

In 1870, The Ottoman Empire ruled over as we know today Palestine. According to record of ottoman there were 87% Muslims, 3% Jews and 10% christens. In late 19th century, Europe was involved in nationalism and 10 different nations lived in Austro-Hungarian Empire who want their own separate homeland and in hyper-nationalism a Jews journalist name Theodor Herzl introduce a concept in which he says Jews people will adjust in European nations but later it converted into separate homeland of Jews people this concept called Zionism. In 1917 British issued a Belfour declaration its bold promised to Jews people for separate homeland but that time Palestine under Ottoman Empire as they had not won the world war one but they could soon.

After one year British had secretly agreement to French that Arab territories will be divided and Palestine remain under brits. Further in 1915 other British officials had already secret agreement to ruler of mecca name Sharif Hussein that he will be rule on Arab territories included Palestine if he led Arab revolt which against of ottoman it means British had agreement with Jews and Muslims. After British facilitate to immigrant of Jews people that they can live and build houses in Palestine according to Belfour declaration and Jews people began to buy land in Palestine area to make more secure community for Jews people in Palestine territory between 1920 to 1930 this thing create revolt in Palestine Arab and then they began think as a nation and growing sense of nationalism increase in Palestine Arab in 1936. The British with the help of Jews suppressed revolt that Arab started against the Jews but later British also limited the immigrant of Jews in Palestine for ten years this decision make angry to Jews people and also Arabs because British promised with Arabs for establishment of joint Arab.

Later British gave this dispute to united nation and in November 1947 united nation voted for separate Palestinian and Jews state. The territory divided among Israel and Palestine equal in size but later war broke out between Israel and Palestine with many other Arab states. Israel won the war in 1949 and occupied third more land that was not included in UN proposal during this period Jordan controlled on west bank and old city of Jerusalem and Egypt controlled on Gaza so in this 700000 Palestine become refugees in the surrounding Arab countries. Next 18 years nothing changed geographically but in 1967 several Arab states and Israel again become in war during this Israel won the war and controlled over west bank, Gaza strip and, the Sinai peninsula and Golan heights. Then the UN passed the resolutions which terms gaining peace and more include give the territory to Palestine that Israel won in war also include was recognition of rights both Israel and Palestine.

After war the conflict was increasing day by day between Palestine and Israel, so PLO (Palestine liberation organization) formed in 1964 that led by Yasser Arafat. The PLO starts guerilla group attacks on civilians and also start nonviolent incentive to gain Palestine state so Israeli state started to establish of Jews state in Palestine territory including west bank and Gaza strip. There were increasing population of Jews over 350000 in west bank and 200000 in east Jerusalem this was all illegal according to international law. Later 1980 Palestine launched the first intifada means boycotts of Israeli products and services and no pay taxes to Israeli government in this result Israeli state launched crackdown on protesters. The first intifada formed the Hamas which launch the suicide bomb in 1993 against Israel. Hamas gain popularity.

Due to its social and welfare projects like opening schools, clinics and water projects in Gaza. The first intifada began trying to maintain peace between Israel and Palestine through old friend mean Uno. But there was a lot of problems to resolve like settlement of Jews and rights of refugees of Palestine and also water issue that was huge one and later these issues was trying to resolve through American president Bill Clinton met with Israeli prime minister. Israeli prime minister was ready to give up more land currently claimed by Israel but later it didn’t happen and this talk failed. In 2000 Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon ordered to attack on Al-Aqsa mosque which is holiest place near to Muslims and Jews in short it’s pretty difficult to march with 1000 armed guards. In this conflict 3000 Palestinians martyred and 1000 Israeli was killed. In 2005 Israeli government built a wall around to all west bank by argue that this is our right to protect our civilians but near to Palestinians this was illegal occupied on their territory. In 2005 Yasser Arafat died and Hamas won by their majority seats in parliament later Hamas and Palestine authority divided into two parts means how to run the state of Palestine. Now continues in last ten years to kill innocent Palestinian by Israeli military and so on.

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